My new (slightly odd) socks discovery!

The longer I write this blog, the more I think I should start two subsidiary blogs – one about tiles, and the other about socks. Because there’s absolutely no way you can be obsessed with flat shoes and not become totally nuts about those two things as well. A beautifully tiled floor and a pair of snazzy socks will always make my brogues look better. So it is with much delight that I introduce you to my newest snazzy socks discovery: Oybo.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 09.00.55
Lucky Green, 26 euro,

Oybo is an Italian socks brand and at first glance appears to simply sell really nice patterned socks. But look a little closer and you’ll notice something different…every pair is ever so slightly odd. I know, brilliant, right?! I actually didn’t notice the first time I looked at a pair, because they’ve cleverly made them look *almost* the same. It’s not like people will think you got dressed in the dark or have had a particularly stressful week at work and didn’t have time to wash/locate a matching pair: it’s very clear that you’re intentionally wearing odd – or to quote Oybo – untuned socks.

clockwise from top left: Pepper, Cocteau stars, Oltenia Sky (also pictured top with Clarks Originals Trigenic trainers), all

I now have a couple of pairs in my possession and the whole experience is pretty wonderful. The socks come wrapped in tissue paper that matches the colour of the pattern and in lovely cardboard packaging (#attentiontodetail). They’re quite pricey but the quality is brilliant, and they wash really well too (though I would avoid the tumble drier). And they look absolutely amazing, obviously! I’ve had a few people on Instagram that just can’t deal with it – perhaps if you’ve an inclination to perfection these aren’t the socks for you – but I found wearing odd socks a surprisingly uplifting experience. I didn’t see that coming!

FullSizeRender copy
Pepper, 26 euro,
Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 09.01.45
Morocco, 26 euro,

There are loads of styles and lengths available, and they have collections for men and kids too (Mr Brogue has just ordered himself a pair). The website is an absolutely joy to look at; the design is more like a magazine spread than an e-commerce site. Don’t be put off by the fact that the prices are in Euros as they ship to the UK no problem. And to top it all off, I have an exciting project with Oybo coming up later in the summer, but more on that soon…

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 09.02.17
Granny, 26 euro,



  1. I’m crazy for the slightly odd socks thing. I bought a pair of Stance black and white ones in America last autumn. They are my new favourites. I’m over to the oybo site to get a couple of pairs.

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