Help make it illegal for companies to force women to wear high heels at work

I don’t usually write news stories on this blog, but this one is important! An actor called Nicola Thorp (new hero!) was sent home without any pay when she turned up to work as a temp receptionist at PwC in London in flat shoes and refused to go out and buy a pair of heels. She even says she was ‘laughed at’ when she pointed out it was discriminatory because her male colleagues were allowed to wear flats.

This is obviously ridiculous, but when she called an employment helpline she was told that companies are allowed to enforce their own dress codes. That includes demanding that a woman purchase a pair of ‘two to four inch heels’ and also that she wears make-up.

Outraged, Nicola had started a petition to get the law changed so that no employer can force a woman to wear heels to work. Sign it now, people! Just click here


  1. This is one of the last bastion’s of sexism. As someone who has worn heels a lot during my younger life, my feel are completely f****d!! It’s outrageous to make other women go through the same. Whatever next – foot-binding?!

  2. Having worked in the NHS (home of the comfortable shoe!!) for the past 15 years, I’d imagined that the private sector might have moved on from when I was there. SIGNED. Thank you for highlighting this.

    • I always admire NHS ladies’ shoes if I’m in a hospital. Lewisham hospital particularly good for animal prints and cool trainers! Anyway, thanks for supporting!

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