Trainer socks: Stance’s amazing “Super Invisibles” (and they stay put, too)

UPDATED: You can now buy the pair above at Size! Link here

It’s a bit mean of me to do this blog post right now, because you can’t actually buy these socks in the UK at the moment, but I was given some to try out and they’re so good I had to tell you about them immediately. Oh, and the PR assures me that they’ll be available at soon. So as soon as they are, I’ll update this post and let you know! Anyway, on to those socks, because I reckon you’re going to be pretty excited about buying a pair for yourself.


The brand in question is Stance, a company that makes all sorts of lovely socks, not just trainers socks, and there are a few very interesting pairs available at now (and they’re in the sale, too). They have great designs and are big on the snazzy sock which, as you well know, I am too. I have a couple of pairs of their “normal” socks and they’re really nice; a good fit with a proper heel and very nice quality. But when I heard about their amazing “invisible” trainer socks, I had to get my hands on some.


I know SO many of you are going to be with me when I talk about the pain of finding the right trainer socks. They’re usually too big, so you can see them. Very annoying, and kind of defeats the object. If they’re small enough to only just be visible, they’re likely to fall down. Oh, and they’re almost always really, really boring in their design or horribly girly. So most of the time I just wear my trainers with no socks at all, and we all know the outcome of that scenario: smelly trainers.


As you can see, no-one can accuse Stance of making boring socks. These beauties are so nice it’s a shame that they are totally invisible! But they are, I’ve tested them out with the trainers that are most difficult to hide trainer socks in. OK, you can see a TINY bit of them in my Stan Smiths, but they didn’t show at all with skate shoes. So that invisible claim is true.

pretty much invisible

“But surely they fall down!” I can hear you crying. Well, no, actually. When I first wore them I kept thinking they were falling down, but they weren’t, I was just being paranoid. It’s down to the fact that they have a little patch of silicone on the inside of each heel, and that grabs onto your skin, keeping the socks in place. Genius. Check back for them being available here – I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as they are!

totally invisible
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