Mod shoes: what I wore for bank holiday

August bank holiday is my favourite of the year. Since I worked in an ice cream kiosk on Ryde seafront when I was 14, I’ve been fascinated by mod culture. The Isle of Wight hosts the largest scooter rally in the world every August bank holiday, and the mods and scooterists used to congregate on the green opposite the kiosk I worked in (well, they still do) to admire each other’s Vespas and Lambrettas and do a bit of posing. You get all sorts, from Sixties-style dudes in sharp suits and A-line dresses to proper skinheads in short jeans, braces and Dr Martens. And yes, you guessed it, there is a whole host of footwear to get excited about. Here’s what I wore…

The desert boot   One of the most common shoes you’ll see at a scooter rally, the desert boot is a staple in the wardrobe of any mod, and they’ve got to be Clarks Originals. Mine are a bit more snazzy than usual because they’re a limited edition pair to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the boot’s creation, and are a collaboration with the artist Amy Stephens. Here I am playing one of my favourite bank holiday games: find a scooter that matches your shoes.   The pointy flat  An authentic Sixties pump should really have a small block heel but that’s not how I roll, so a good pointy flat is a must for my evening get-up. This is a two outfits per day affair, as there are music events on in the evenings and I never miss the opportunity for multiple outfits! This pair are from French Sole and I love the double strap T-bar. Oh, and they’re dead comfy for dancing to Northern Soul in.   The monkey boot These Dr Martens monkey boots are brand new – I need to scuff them up a bit! I can’t believe didn’t discover monkey boots earlier in my life. They come up shorter on the ankle than classic DMs so are much more flattering if you’re short and are low enough to show off a bit of a snazzy sock with turned up jeans, too. Oh, and they have a bouncy sole that makes walking a real pleasure!  The tassel loafer  I have two pairs of these and really couldn’t decide which ones to wear! So I asked Instagram and the answer was the brown ones (they’re from Ted & Muffy if you fancy them for yourself). They look lovely with a dress but I’m also partial to teaming them with turned up jeans and yellow or leopard print socks. Oh and they’re very VERY comfy – first wear with no socks, walking, lots of dancing and no blisters to report. Excellent shoes.   Until next August then….when hopefully Mr Brogue and I will have our own scooter to complete our outfits! 


  1. Great outfits particularly the evening rig out! And the cute Clarks desert boots. Went into Clarks yesterday and was blown away by the volume of highly desirable flats, they have really upped their game, there is definitely a pair of Hotel Dream Dark Pewter Metallic coming to my wardrobe….

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