The trouble with writing a shoe blog is I’m always looking at the floor

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve got a thing about tiles. I never used to have a thing about tiles; it started happening when I began taking endless Instagram pictures of my feet. I’m constantly checking out the floor for interesting stuff, and tiles are my favourite shoe backdrop (I’ve even written about it before! You can read that here)

Birkenstocks (buy me here!) and pub tiles (I’m that much of a tile freak I know the tiles are from Topps Tiles!)

It’s a great conversation starter though – the editors AND designer of my book have the same tiles as me in their bathrooms (from Topps Tiles – the BEST place for tiles on a budget), so I knew they had the same taste as me right away. And at a pub birthday drinks on Saturday, people told me about the amazing tiles in the ladies’ before I even needed a wee (my friends know me so well).

Birkenstocks and tiles in Honey & Co (who have a lovely cook book, too, which you can buy here)

Things got a bit out of hand earlier this week, though, when Mr Brogue and I were walking home from a night out. This particular street was littered with original Victorian tiles on paths and in doorways, and I couldn’t help myself. Suddenly, I was standing in a stranger’s porch snapping my (very comfortable) Havva sandals. Thankfully, I didn’t get caught!

Havva sandals (buy me here!) and Victorian tiles in Blackheath

It’s not just tiles, either. Recently, wide blue and orange stripes were painted on the platforms at London Bridge train station. I’ve no idea what purpose they serve, but I’ve been dying to annoy everyone during rush hour by stopping and framing my feet on them for months now, and I finally got my picture this week. Well, my shorts did match perfectly…

Birkenstocks (buy me here!) at London Bridge train station

And while it’s been a really good week for tiles, nothing beats a beautiful dog lying on a crackled floor for a perfect shoefie (that’s a shoe selfie): meet Barry the whippet. Swoon!

Y.M.C. sandals (buy similar here!) and Barry


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