EnBrogue – the book!

I have some VERY exciting news to tell you this morning. Thanks to Saltyard Books, I am now working on an EnBrogue book inspired by the blog. It’s going to be a guide to stylish flat shoes (obviously!) with my illustrations, photos and musings, all wrapped up in a neat, hard back book. The perfect gift for the flat shoe loving girl! I am thrilled about the whole thing, as you can imagine.


I can’t tell you too much more about it at the moment but needless to say I will be busy over the next few months with this super-exciting project! Yippee!! It publishes in September…so I’d better crack on with it…thanks to all of you for reading the blog – I wouldn’t be doing a book without your support!

me working hard on my book!
me working hard on my book!


  1. Fantastic news. I don’t often read fashion blogs but love yours. If only I could afford all the shoes you recommend! Good luck with it from a fellow author (but on very different subjects!)
    Lucinda Gosling

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