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Liberty print trainers – we just can’t get enough

Liberty print trainers are always a winner. I have had a pair of skate shoes from Y.M.C. for a few years now, and they never fail to pep up any outfit, as well as garnering me plenty of compliments. So I know you’ll be excited to hear about not one, not two, but THREE Liberty print collaborations coming your way this summer.


The first is from Nike, whose Liberty trainers I have been swooning over for years now, and I’ve finally managed to get my hands on a pair of my own.

Nike Air Rift, £85, liberty.co.uk (BUY ME HERE!)

The print that Nike has chosen this season is a bit of a departure from the twee floral prints we’re used to and I have to say, I wasn’t sure about them at first, particularly on the Rifts I am wearing here as they’re a bit of a Marmite shoe in the first place. But once they were on my feet I was absolutely smitten. If you’ve never worn Rifts before, they are ridiculously comfortable, and there’s something about that cloven hoof toe that makes you feel really nimble! Maybe it’s better for balance…

Air Max
Nike Air Max 90 Ultra, £110, liberty.co.uk (BUY ME HERE!)
Nike Cortez, £72, liberty.co.uk (BUY ME HERE!)

And that print – which is from a silk scarf from 1972 and called Merlin – has really grown on me too. Although it’s actually from a two decades earlier, it reminds me of the prints that were around in the early Nineties (I had a shirt in a very similar design), which means they look brilliant with dungarees! Bonus. You can see the full collection here.


If those more traditional Liberty prints are more your thing then the Superga collaboration is the one for you. These florals lend themselves really well to the simple tennis shoe design of Superga sneakers, and I reckon if you bought a pair, they’d be a staple in your wardrobe for years (if they get a bit grubby, just bung them in the washing machine). Just pair with my old favourites – boyfriend jeans and a Breton top.

GS009850U 918_3
Superga Pepper, £55, superga.co.uk (BUY ME HERE!)
Superga Michael, £55, superga.co.uk (BUY ME HERE!)
Supergar Misti, £55, superga.co.uk (BUY ME HERE!)


Finally, something a bit more tropical from Vans. I love how these work so well with the Vans history – I can just imagine wearing these with Bermuda shorts and a surfboard tucked under my arm (not such a weird thing to imagine when I was 16 and did actually surf in the freezing waters surrounding the Isle of Wight!).

Vans classic
Vans Classic, £50, shop.vans.co.uk (BUY ME HERE!)
Vans Authentic
Vans Authentic, £50, shop.vans.co.uk (BUY ME HERE!)

And if none of these take your fancy, just try popping ‘Liberty print trainers’ into Google, as loads of past season styles are still available to buy in various places, too. I’d love to know which ones are your favourites – leave comments below!

Illustration: Liberty print Nike Blazers

You lot do love Liberty print trainers, so last weekend I got my paintbrushes out for the first time in AGES and illustrated this lovely pair of Nike Blazers. One day, I will actually get around to buying myself a pair of Liberty print Nikes, but in the meantime, this little sketch will have to do.

IMG_1145This particular print isn’t available anymore, but you can pick up similar styles from the on Nike’s website. And for anyone with a baby brogue out there, how adorable are the toddler trainers? Answer: VERY ADORABLE.

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 13.49.39
Blazer, £85, store.nike.com (BUY ME HERE!)
Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 13.49.57
Air Max 1 mid, £125, store.nike.com (BUY ME HERE!)
Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 13.50.30
Air Force 1 high, £105, store.nike.com (BUY ME HERE!)
Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 13.50.44
Air Max 1, £47, store.nike.com (BUY ME HERE!)






industry insiders part 2: interview with Red’s Emily Gegg

In the second instalment of fashion industry insiders who love flats, I spoke to Emily Gegg, Executive Fashion and Beauty Director at Red Magazine, who was forced off her high heels because of a back problem.

“I was diagnosed with scoilosis and a degenerated disc in my lower spine just before fashion week, so wearing flat shoes was less of a choice and more of a doctor’s order. Now I am two months into my new life in flats and feel strangely liberated, as if I have been let into a secret that heel wearers are yet to discover!!”

Emily wearing super-shiny Jimmy Choo
Emily’s Louis Vuitton slippers

“I am quite a scruffy dresser and dressing up for me was always just putting a pair of killer heels on with my jeans and t-shirt to smarten my look up, so I have had to work at creating a new look based around flats. If I am wearing a pair of statement flats like my sparkly Vuitton slippers I’ll tend to dress down the rest of my look, so a pair of ripped jeans and a grey marl T-shirt. But if it is a pair of my new Nike trainers (which I am totally in love with), I tend to wear them with a smarter outfit like a buttoned up white shirt and cashmere jumper to balance the look out (and feel less of a teenager!).”

how cool are Emily’s Nikes?!

“A lot of the trends on the catwalk for AW13 were about mixing girlie with a tough edge and there is no better way to do this than wearing stylish flats to make your look more understated. Simone Rocha is the perfect example with her whimsical bubblegum pink dresses teamed with chunky flatforms. Even the glamour shoe brands Louboutin and Jimmy Choo have introduced a new kitten heel height and lots more flats for AW13, it is a trend that is catching – hooray!”

Charlotte Olympia sandals and matching pedicure

“I am excited about the sun coming out, getting a pedi with Essie ‘cute as a button’ and investing in a pair of Valentino studded sandals, although may need to win the lottery first, so more realistically Zara have some amazing flat sandals with braiding detail that I have my eye on. I have too many pairs of shoes but I am a hoarder and can’t throw any away, all those redundant heels mean if I do not have any daughters my goddaughter Poppy is going to have her very own Jimmy Choo archive!!”

Tomorrow, fashion blog pioneer Susie Lau…

high fashion hi tops

OK, this post isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste. I’m not even sure it’s to mine. But the sheer volume of luxe hi tops out there has forced my hand and we’re going to discuss. By luxe, I mean either luxury brands turning their hand at making hi tops (something that has been going on for a few years now, particularly within menswear) or high street brands making luxurious looking trainers.

Jimmy Choo Tokyo sneakers, £325, net-a-porter.com BUY ME HERE!

I am a big fan of hi tops. I own countless pairs of Converse, plus some Nike, Adidas and Puma, and I love wearing them when I am working on a shoot (comfort factor, anyone?). But when I got my hands on this Gerard Darel pair (below), an old sample from last season, initially I wasn’t sure. Gold trainers? Can I do that? Can a girl who loves the look of natural worn leather really do a metallic shoe?


The answer, as you can see from this picture, is yes. Yes! Why the hell not? If you carefully team your luxe hi tops with a plain outfit, it’s really not that scary. Today I’m wearing some black pleather trousers from Zara (these are AMAZING, by the way, and are the best leather look I have found) and a black oversized Reiss shirt. Simple. The brand has carried this style through to summer 13 in different colourways (shown here), so you’ll be able to get your mitts on a pair soon. I love the black and tweed pair.

Maison Martin Margiela, £390, shoescribe.com BUY ME HERE!

So what else is out there? We’ll start with some of the more expensive options. They will have you drooling, I’m afraid, but I reckon if you’re going to spend a lot of money on some designer shoes, it makes MUCH more sense to buy a comfortable pair of incredible trainers than some silly heels you can’t even walk in.

Katie Grand Loves Hogan, £355, store.hogan.com BUY ME HERE!

Love is the word when we come to these green beauties, designed by Love Magazine’s editor-in-chief Katie Grand for Italian brand Hogan. They are achingly cool, especially when modelled by Edie Campbell in the brand’s campaign imagery. Have I talked you into it yet?

Topshop sneakers (top), £65, topshop.com (BUY HERE!) and Zara sneakers (bottom), £69.99, zara.com (BUY HERE!)

As far as affordable luxe-style hi tops are concerned, good old Toppers has jumped on the bandwagon, as has Zara. These, our two most reliable high street stores for picking up on high end trends and translating them so the rest of us can afford them, have both gone for a spattering of leopard print. Leopard has become as easy-to-wear as a Breton stripe in the past few years, which is no bad thing in my book.

Nike Dunk high tops, £65, store.nike.com (BUY ME HERE!)

Of course, the best value (and best functioning) trainers tend to come from sports brands, and Nike’s Dunk hi tops can also be found in interesting finishes. Keep an eye out for its regular Liberty collaborations if you’re fond of a floral print.

I’d love to know what you think. Would you step out in a pair of luxe hi tops? Or are they a step too far? I’ll leave you with my absolute favourite pick of the bunch from DSquared2. Because for me, when it comes to sporty footwear, you can’t do better than retro.

DSquared, £198, reduced from £330, shoescribe.com (BUY ME HERE!)