I love Converse (err, who doesn’t?). Not only has it made every generation’s favourite sports shoe since 1908, looking equally as appropriate on my nine year-old niece as on suited sexagenarian Paul McCartney, but it continues to find ingenious ways of reinventing the classic basketball boot. There’s every chance you could be sitting on a tube carriage with 90% of the passengers wearing Converse, none of them wearing the same pair as you.

The brand has just announced its most recent collaboration with Italian fashion powerhouse Missoni, called The Converse Missoni Archive Project. It’s a great idea, taking beautiful deadstock fabric that appeared on Missoni’s catwalks from 1994 onwards and reworking it into your beloved Converse shape.

They are one-of-a-kind, there are only twenty pairs, and you can only buy them in Paris’s super chic Colette from this Friday, September 28th. But if you have a spare €400 and fancy a truly unique pair of Converse, it might just be worth it.