It’s misty in London today, so here’s a little something to brighten your day. Or at least, your feet. You all know I have a wee penchant for animal print shoes, but this season it’s taking a leap into more colourful territory. My most recent skate shoe purchase (my Y.M.C. Liberty print pair have now been packed away until next summer) are adorned with a neon pink leopard print and I LOVE them. So practical, so comfortable, and properly cool (if I do say so myself!). They’re by Essentiel Antwerp and you can pick them up at Mania Mia on the Kings Road in London.


I’ve also been lusting after these pink boots by Senso since I painted them for Harvey Nichols’ Shoetopia department. I’m not usually a fan of pink shoes, but I like how the animal print toughens the colour up and makes it less girly. These, like the Essentiel Antwerp ones, have a ponyskin texture which always makes animal print shoes look more luxe. Here they are in their non-painted form, but you can see my illustration here.

Biba ankle boots, £180, (BUY ME HERE!)

I’ve fallen hard for this amazing pair of creepers by Bimba & Lola, along with at least five other pairs of shoes on the website, and as such you’ll be seeing a lot more of this brand on here. It has LOADS of brilliant, really cool flats; the sorts of shoes you can’t get out of your head once you’ve seen them!

Bimba & Lola side
Masculine shoes, £190, (BUY ME HERE!)

I’m also rather fond of these ballet pumps from Cocorose London, though they’re more useful to someone who actually wears heels; they fold up really small so are perfect for carrying in your handbag as emergency flats.

Farringdon, £90, (BUY ME HERE!)

And it’s not just leopard that’s been getting a colourful update for AW13. Snake is available in every shade under the sun at the moment but of course, most of the time it isn’t actually snake, just a print. It looks particularly lovely on ballet pumps as it gives them an edge, but my favourites have to be the Derek Lam boots below. Divine!

Nice, £98, (BUY ME HERE!)
French Sole
Henrietta, £180, (BUY ME HERE!)
10 Crosby Derek Lam
Monks, £209, 10 Crosby Derek Lam, (BUY ME HERE!)

In the second of my series of posts on boots, we’re concentrating on one of my favourite styles of shoe: the slip-on ankle boot. Not limited to Chelsea boots alone, these shoes always look slick and stylish, and I LOVE their easy nature with their lack of laces. I team mine with skinny turned up jeans and – in a new turn of events that goes against all my usual rules of short people not wearing ankle boots with below-knee skirts – below-knee skirts.

This first pair are from a brand I have been drooling over since I discovered them a few weeks ago, Northern Cobbler (how had they escaped my notice thus far?!). Oh, Northern Cobbler! You will ruin me! You have even gone to the trouble of styling your shoes with my own wardrobe! I want to buy EVERYTHING! Most of all though, I want to buy these splendid grey boots with yellow tassels. They will be mine!


Flagtail, £195, (BUY ME HERE!)

One of my favourite brands for clothing as well as shoes is Folk. The designs always have quirky details like different coloured buttons or stitching, and its shoes are really cool and comfortable (I lived in my white moccasin boots this spring which against all odds, survived brilliantly in the rain). These boots are classic but still have that interesting feature with the way the leather is cut. I think they’d look great with a winter floral tea dress and some thick grey tights.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 09.34.58
Steph, £315, (BUY ME HERE!)

OK, before you shout at me at these two pairs being quite expensive, here’s a much more affordable pair. And they even have leather uppers! ASOS is always a great place to pick up stylish ankle boots and this season is no exception. I like to filter my search down to the ASOS own brand as I think the design is really strong.

Anatomy, £48, (BUY ME HERE!)

Last, and by no means least, one of the most reliable brands in the world: Dr Martens. I’ve seen a few men sporting these Chelsea boots but as yet, no women, which I can’t understand as they are smart and shiny as a chestnut. They are over £100 but with this brand, you know they will last you decades.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 09.36.09
Flora, £110, (BUY ME HERE!)

Tomorrow: over-knee boots