15 pairs of fantastic fringed loafers

I’m really happy that the footwear world is currently embracing fringed shoes. Traditional kilties (the technical name for that decorative leather fringe) were originally developed to keep shoes and laces dry from dewy grass on golf courses, but the fringed shoe du jour comes as a loafer or Mary Janes, which, having no laces, must […]

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The new nannas, and the rest of this week’s Shoes News

Fancy a bit of snow-scapism? Get yourself some nanna shoes I could spend this week’s Shoes News talking about snow boots but frankly, that would be a bit late to be of any use to you wouldn’t it? So while I’m in no way recommending that you wear these shoes now (why, WHY do people […]

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More Millennial pink sneakers, and the rest of this week’s Shoes news

Rediscovering: Clae Years and years ago, in an attempt to wean him off his Nike Air Max addiction, I bought Mr Brogue a pair of high tops from a brand called Clae which I found in Size? on Carnaby Street. And it worked: shortly after that point he started mixing it up by wearing Clarks […]

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The women changing the face of British footwear

I was thrilled a couple of months ago when a female shoe designer got in touch to tell me about her new venture. This week, a shiny pair of sneakers from her fledgling brand Aerska arrived for me to try out! And it got me thinking; so many of my favourite shoes these days come […]

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Shoes Headlines: The White Shoe Issue

You may have noticed on Instagram that I am currently obsessing over white shoes (ooh, and did you read my review of the amazing new sneakers brand Seven Feet Apart?). So this week, I thought I’d make Shoes News all about them; where to buy the best ones, this season’s trends and how to keep […]

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Nanna shoes are back! And this year they’re flat…

3 of the best: nanna shoes White, £59.99, shop.mango.com; red, £29.99, zara.com; green, £79, cosstores.com Remember last year when literally all the fashion bloggers in your Instagram feed suddenly started wearing ‘nanna shoes’? For those not familiar, these were block heeled slip-on shoes, a little like ballet pumps but with a much higher vamp covering […]

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Hush Puppies: you know they’re comfy, but did you know they look this great?!

I’ve always known that Hush Puppies existed, but I’d never owned a pair of its shoes myself until recently (although I tested a pair of its desert boots with ‘Worry Free Suede‘ once and was really impressed). So I was excited to try out a couple of pairs over recent weeks, because as you know, […]

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