Author: Hannah Rochell

This is a blog for people who love stylish footwear without the pain, bunions and back problems. Just because a shoe doesn't have a 4.5 inch heel, doesn't mean it can't be beautiful. From brogues to boots, pumps to penny loafers, sneakers to sandals, I'd like to share with you my favourite comfortable footwear. I am Hannah Rochell, a London based fashion writer, so I come across a lot of non-heeled beauties! I hope you enjoy reading about them.

If you have an interest in masculine shoes, chances are you also have a penchant for snazzy socks. I know I do. It’s all part of the look, right? A turned up jean to show a peek of colour really brightens a drab, foggy day like today.

Gap grey and neon yellow spotty socks, worn with Office shoes

I’ve long been a fan of Gap socks. That whole 3 for £10 thing: what’s not to love? There’s regularly a huge choice of my favourite patterns – spots and stripes – and they last ages too. My most recent haul last week was very successful. I particularly like these grey multi stripe ones. 

Gap socks, 3 pairs for £10

This season though, I’m experimenting with Argyle socks for the first time. Nothing too crazy – because Argyle socks can be REALLY crazy – just a subtle diamond print on a dark coloured sock.

Muji Argyle socks, worn with Hobbs NW3 shoes

My new discovery for great socks is Muji, and it certainly has plenty of Argyle options to choose from. Its socks are a little more expensive than Gap’s but still come in at a reasonable £4.95 per pair. And you’ll notice a cute dotty pair in the mix too for good measure.

Muji socks, £4.95 per pair

So if you want to add a little colour to an otherwise plain outfit, why not slip on some colourful socks this autumn?