Laces: like getting new shoes, only WAY cheaper…

The weather is on the turn, and I’ve got my boots out of the back of the wardrobe this week. As you know, buying new stuff for the sake of a new season isn’t something I advocate anymore, but if your footwear feels a bit tired – particularly your hiking boots -and you are hankering after some newness, I have just the thing for you: laces.

A snazzy new pair of shoelaces is just the ticket to revive a pair of lace-up boots that you’ve had for years. If you get the right pair, your boots (or brogues or trainers) can even feel like a completely new pair of shoes, whether they’re new or old (although do make sure they’re nice and clean). Winner. 

I very rarely leave the same pair of laces in my boots that came with them. I just love adding that personal touch, especially to a pair of boots that a lot of people have, like these black ones from Shoe The Bear (pictured here). Sometimes I’ll pop in two contrasting pairs, just for an extra wow factor. I will also often change the laces to match my outfits, and when there isn’t a pandemic on and I’m staying in London for work two nights a week, I’ll bring a second pair of laces with me for a different look, rather than a second pair of shoes. They’re SO much lighter in my overnight bag.

Anyway, I’ve been acquiring laces for years now, so I won’t be buying any more, but I’ve listed here some of my favourite places to get them. So before you buy a new pair of boots, consider whether you could save some money with some snazzy laces instead…

Shoestring Laces

The 150cm laces are my favourites. They fit perfectly in the Grenson Nanette boot and the Shoe The Bear Agda boot – both of which I know a lot of you have!

Mr Lacy

The Hikies style (again, in 150cm) is my favourite. This is also a great place for fat laces for trainers and cool colours and patterns.


My favourite shoe brand (and also my dog’s namesake) now does an impressive range of laces. I love the lemon yellow hiking laces (of course I do!).


Some of the styles at Ropes are reflective, so you get an added road safety bonus for dark winter afternoons!


  1. I keep trying to find good quality thick replacement laces for my Stan smiths and converse to no avail! I keep ending up with cheap, stretchy versions that look cheap and nasty! Any ideas? I just want the same but can’t seem to find addidas or converse ones. Thanks!

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