Say hello to En Brogue T-shirts!

[AD] I’ve collaborated with Disko Kids on these illustrated tees and sweatshirts

I’ve been a fan of the Birmingham-based brand Disko Kids for a while after we found each other on Instagram (isn’t Instagram great?). As the name suggests, it started life as a childrenswear label, borne out of its founders’ frustration of mass produced kids’ clothes and not being able to find something more individual. But its music-inspired tees featuring lyrics like ‘last night a DJ saved my life’ and retro slogans quickly became requested by adults, too, and the range expanded into men’s and women’s. When its co-founder, Helen, got in touch to see if I fancied doing a collaboration, I obviously jumped at the chance.

En Brogue wearing Disko Kids

‘Get Your Kicks’ En Brogue x Disko Kids organic cotton T-shirt, £25 ( Also pictured: Karen Miller leather skirt (gift, not current season); Walsh x Boden trainers (gift, not current season)

As you probably know, a niche side hustle of En Brogue is that I paint watercolour illustrations of shoes. These have appeared in my books, as well as being available to buy as cards from my Etsy shop (which I will be restocking with new designs soon!). Helen saw my card designs and thought that one of them would look rather lovely on a T-shirt, and I was inclined to agree with her, so our project together began.


‘Get Your Kicks’ En Brogue X Disko Kids organic cotton sweatshirt with pockets, £40 (

I’m a big fan of a graphic T-shirt, but as a slightly busty woman, I don’t think they always look great on me because the image gets distorted by, well, my boobs. Which is why we decided to make the placement of the image small and on one side, a bit like a pocket or the logo on a polo shirt. I’m really happy with the way it looks – it’s a subtle nod to my (all of our) trainers obsession, but the illustration doesn’t take over the whole outfit. I like pairing mine with a leather skirt and a pair of very similar trainers to the illustration because matching is very much my thing.


‘Get Your Kicks’ En Brogue x Disko Kids organic cotton T-shirt, £25 (

We went for a striped tee – you hardly ever see a striped graphic tee, and I can’t understand why because it looks GREAT – and a classic grey marl sweater, which I am THRILLED to tell you has POCKETS. Both are made from organic cotton in a environmentally conscious factory under fair working conditions, and are beautiful quality. They are printed by Disko Kids here in the UK. I absolutely love them, and I hope you do too.

It would be great to hear what you think! Please leave comments below. And I’d love to see your wearing them – don’t forget to tag me and Disko Kids in a picture of you wear with the hashtag #enbroguexdiskokids

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