It’s all Good News this week…

…and no, trainers definitely aren’t over!

Good News! There’s lots of yellow in this new season collection from an En Brogue favourite

It’s not just the lovely new designs that I wanted to tell you about from London brand Good News this week. It’s also that they have really improved the materials they are using to make their shoes, from an environmental stand point. Good News has always been brilliant, with a charitable angle that collects and gives shoes to those in need, but it’s gone a step further to ensure that its shoes have an even more minimal impact on the environment.

Good News Hurler 2 Low in navy and yellow, £115 (; Good News Hurler High in yellow, £95 (

The rubber soles are now recycled, and the eco-lite footbed is also recycled. In addition, the fabric upper of the shoe is made from organic cotton. The prices have gone up a bit, but I can only imagine that this is to accommodate the new materials. I’ve mentioned that I’m working with another brand to develop a shoe at the moment, and as a result I have so much better an understand of what it takes to make a shoe. If you want to do anything a bit different, it puts the price up, especially when you are a new, small brand. But if it means that your purchase has a smaller impact on the environment, then I think it’s worth it. Plus the shoes look great, don’t you think?

Good News Babe 2 tri colour, £115 (; Bagger 2 Mid in yellow, £115 (

(Disclaimer: I’m not working with Good News, but I am hoping to be able to tell you more soon about the brand I’m doing a project with. I received prototypes to test at home this week!! Which is very exciting indeed)


Speaking of the environment, Fat Face and Tretorn have launched sustainable sneakers


Fat Face organic cotton plimsolls, £32 (

Tretorn (not pictured here) already had sustainable credentials, but on Monday this week it launches its first 100% sustainable sneakers. Based on a classic 1970s tennis shoe, they are made from recycled and recyclable materials. Fat Face, too, has just launched its own unisex range of organic cotton plimsolls with soles made from a combination of responsibly sourced and recycled rubber; they are available in 5 colours.


Shoe The Bear’s lovely new sneakers

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 19.06.55

Shoe The Bear ‘Andrea’ sneakers, £74.95 (

Seeing as it’s a sneakers special this week (totally by accident!) I thought I’d tell you about Shoe The Bear’s new trainers, which I have been road testing this week. The brand very kindly sent me not one, but two pairs as a gift (I know, luckiest girl in the world, right?!), including this pale blue pair above. They’re canvas but are anything but plain, with lovely details like a suede toe cap and contrast stitching on the heel.

My other pair is black, and I’ve actually worn them a lot more as they are so easy to integrate into my own wardrobe. I even wore them down the pub with no socks when we were having balmy weather. No blisters, and actually, totally dreamy as far as comfort is concerned! I know you all love this brand, so I am very happy to say that these live up to expectations. Also available in pink and white.

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