I’m celebrating the weather in these Moshulu sandals…

…and you will LOVE the prices as much as the shoes


Well HELLO spring! Hands up who else has got their feet out this weekend? Here in London we are enjoying balmy temperatures which, according to my own personal fashion thermometer rules, are high enough for sandals with trousers (bare legs would have been a step too far, mind you). That’s 17 °C, in case you were wondering. And this has given me the perfect opportunity to try out these new styles from British brand Moshulu.


Moshulu ‘Bavaria Waxy’ sandals in navy, £49, currently reduced to £41.65 (moshulu.co.uk)

Moshulu is a family-run business from Devon which makes its lovely sandals in Spain; regular readers will know this country knows its onions when it comes to making great sandals (and it can also harvest the cork – which doesn’t involve cutting down the tree – locally). I hadn’t tried a pair of their shoes until the three pairs you see here arrived on my doorstep back in January, and I was chomping at the bit for the sun to come out so I could enjoy them properly. Even before I wore them out, though, I knew they were going to be incredibly comfortable.


Moshulu ‘Bavaria Waxy’ sandals in navy, £49, currently reduced to £41.65 (moshulu.co.uk)

This is down to those cork footbeds, which as well as looking classic and cool, are hiding extra comfort features. This pair, for example, the ‘Bavaria’, has underfoot cushioning and it’s a dream to walk in. Really bouncy. Others, like the pink ‘Danube’ sliders (top and below), have nodules in the suede insoles which stimulates blood flow and acts as a mini massage. I’m very much on board with the idea of a spa treatment while I’m walking. There’s loads of information on each style on the brand’s website, so it’s worth having a read to make sure you’ve found the footbed that will suit you best.


Moshulu ‘Danube’ sandals in peach, £49, currently reduced to £41.65 (moshulu.co.uk); see top for close-up

The ‘Danube’ style is also great if you like the ‘Bavaria’ but find it a little chunky for your aesthetic. Because the straps are a little narrower and sit slightly lower on the foot, they will have a flattering elongating effect on your legs. I’m also really into this peachy-pink colour with rose gold buckles because, as you know, I have recently become borderline obsessed with the colour pink!


Moshulu ‘Wilma 2’ sandals in white, £49, currently reduced to £41.65 (moshulu.co.uk)

Colour is, in fact, a big part of the Moshulu DNA – although tans and blues are their best sellers, you’ll find a huge selection of shades and patterns available. This last style, the ‘Wilma 2’, reminds me of the first cork footbed sandals I ever owned, and are available in a whopping 11 different colours. I went for white though, because you can’t go wrong with a white sandal in my opinion. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I couldn’t live without a pair of white sandals.


Moshulu ‘Wilma 2’ sandals in white, £49, currently reduced to £41.65 (moshulu.co.uk)

You’ll notice that these styles are all currently on offer at a reduced price; Moshulu has regular special offers so it’s well worth signing up to their newsletter to make sure you don’t miss out on any bargains. Not that they’re expensive in the first place mind you, and the quality is excellent. And one final piece of good news from this lovely brand: some of its styles go up to a size 9, which I know will please a lot of people!



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