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En Brogue meets new trainers brand Roscomar

A  new British sneakers brand launched this week. Roscomar’s debut collection boasts kicks with a retro vibe that I think you will love. They also come at a really reasonable price to boot. I caught up with Emelie Sandberg, one of the brand’s co-founders, to find out more.

Why did you decide to start your own trainers brand?

‘We both had experience working with fashion, but from a distance. After too many years of indoor corporate routine we decided to actually make the changes that we wanted in life. For us that meant traveling the world and meeting new cultures, climates and people. Ultimately these experiences inspired new designs and the concept of ultra-lightweight, travel-friendly footwear at a reasonable price. Equally important for us was to build long-lasting and real relationships with our customers, so we have promoted them exclusively through events and collaborations such as a music festival and commissioned artworks from people who we know and love.’


Roscomar ‘Gashlight’ trainers in Sandcat and Asphalt, £79 (

What is it about your trainers that sets them apart from other brands?

‘We felt that there are lots of exciting new casual sneakers at the £150+ price point but that everything below £100 was boring and looked nothing like their more expensive counterparts. We wanted a linear silhouette, chunky heel and premium detailing from natural materials, all in a super lightweight shoe. So we created exactly that at £79, and include bonus gifts in each box, such as extra shoelaces and postcards.’


Roscomar ‘Slosh’ trainers in Marine and Tartare, £79 (

Tell us about your high standards when it comes to ethics and the environment…

‘When we were getting started, we visited and met with manufacturers around the world because we wanted to find the right partner who shared our values. This took lots of time and was totally worth it, because now we sleep well knowing that our suppliers, workers and partners adhere to strict ethical and environmental codes of production. We make it our business to spend plenty of time at our manufacturing partners to see exactly how they work on a regular basis. We also offer several vegan shoes in our first collection (Gashlight Permafrost, Aura Days Tartare and Slosh Tartare).’

As you can see, the result is some really nice trainers (they’ve even covered my favourite category – a gum sole!). I’d love to hear what you think – leave comments below.

Seven Feet Apart’s JO-18 event

Photo 05-10-2018, 09 11 32 (6)

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Jamie Oliver at Seven Feet Apart’s press dinner to celebrate the JO-18 trainers he designed with them. We were treated to a feast of burrata, freshly cooked pasta and the best tuna I’ve ever eaten, and I had the opportunity to properly geek out with Jamie about trainers, as you can see in this picture. What a nice chap he is. You can see the lovely limited edition collection here, and I’ll have more news from Seven Feet Apart next week.


Camper’s Runners are 36

Camper Runner white

Camper ‘Runner’ sneakers, £99 ([AD]

Minimal barely-branded leather trainers might feel like a thoroughly modern phenomenon since brands such as Common Projects came on the scene in the early 00s. But Camper has been doing it since 1982 when it first launched its Runner shoe. To celebrate, it has reissued this unisex sneaker for 2018 (although only the ‘Runner Up’ style comes in smaller than size UK5).

Camper Runner Up black

Camper ‘Runner Up’ sneakers, £99 ([AD]