Oi Oi! It’s time for corduroy.

Get into the groove: my favourite fabric has made its way on to shoes, bags and hats this season.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will already know that I am a huge fan of corduroy. Ever since I went to my first Blur gig at Alexandra Palace in 1994 and was blown away by the tribe of fans queueing outside in a river of brown cord, I’ve been obsessed with the stuff. So I am thrilled that this season it is not only still big news as far as trousers, jackets and skirts are concerned, but it has migrated to shoes, bags and accessories, too.

1. Miista suede corduroy ‘Toast’ flats, £190 (miista.com); 2. Nike Air Max, £130 (pampamlondon.com); 3. Paul Smith cap, £50 (paulsmith.com)

A few weeks ago when I first got my yellow corduroy Vans (12) and a cord baker boy hat from Weekday (you can see that here [AD]),  I thought about doing this post but I couldn’t find enough items to make up my Friday 15. Slowly but surely, though, more and more cord has been trickling in store and online. Some of these items just have a small corduroy detail, like these amazing Nike Air Max (2) and Paul Smith pom-pom cap (3); others have gone full throttle with three different colours of cord – see Becksondergaard’s wonderful shoulder bag (below; 4), which is available in two colour options.


4. Becksondergaard shoulder bag, £65 (anthropologie.com); 5. Good News ‘Rhubard’ sneakers, £65 (goodnews.london); 6. Toga buckle loafers, £320 ([AD] matchesfashion.com)

Corduroy looks especially good on trainers, I think, so I’m surprised that more brands haven’t got on board with it. But those that have really have gone for it! Vans has a brilliant selection of styles in the fabric, as has Converse, which has also included it in its design-your-own section of its website. For something with a retro vibe that matches the feel corduroy itself, try lovely London brand Good News (5) or French heritage plimsoll specialists Bensimon (8), which also has low tops and offers each style in cream, bottle green, navy and the deep red you see here.

7. Puma ‘Trace’ trainers, £85 ([AD] asos.com); 8. Bensimon ‘Stella’ shoes, €45 (bensimon.com); 9. Weekday waist bag, £25 ([AD] weekday.com)

The great thing about cord is that it adds texture to your outfit, and also gives an extra dimension to the items themselves. The brighter the colour, the bigger the contrast of the shadows of the furrows in the fabric; yellows and pinks look particularly groovy (excuse the pun). It’s also lovely to wear at this time of year because it works so well with other autumnal fabrics like tartan, tweed and leather.


10. Hayward mini shopper, £377.50 ([AD] shopbop.com); 11. Converse One Stars, £64.99 ([AD] offspring.co.uk); 12. Vans Slip-Ons, £59.99 ([AD] office.co.uk)

If you’re anything like me, the only danger is that you’ll end up wearing corduroy trousers, smock tops and jackets too, which is probably taking things a bit far if you wear them all at the same time! As a general rule, I’d go for a maximum of two corduroy items at once, and match the colours if it’s trousers/a skirt and a jacket (I even wear my navy corduroy dungarees with a navy corduroy jacket) but clash if it’s accessories – so I wouldn’t wear my yellow Vans with this yellow Madewell cap, for example.

13. SeeVees trainers, £78 (anthropologie.com); 14. Vans Authentic trainers, £59.99 ([AD] offspring.co.uk); 15. Madewell cap, £27.69 (madewell.com)

As usual, I’d love to know what you think! Leave comments below.

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