Aldo’s new street art sneakers…

…and the rest of this week’s Shoes News.

You may remember earlier in the year I tried some shoes from a store I hadn’t had many dealings with in the past because I assumed that it was all about the heels. The store in question was Aldo, and the shoes – a pair of golden yellow woven mules – ended up being one of my favourite pairs of the summer. Turns out it’s all about the flats, too.

Aldo Mx3 X So Youn Lee (Seoul), £80; Aldo Mx3 X PONY (Montreal), £80

So I was thrilled when Aldo invited me in to check out their new season styles, especially since it coincided with a brand new sneakers collaboration and accompanying store installation. Now, I admit, I’m not usually a massive fan of high street trainers, but since trying a pair of MX3s I have to say I am very impressed (Aldo aren’t paying me to say this, but they did gift me a pair to try out for myself). They’re less showy than a lot of the designs that sports brands are peddling out this season, which is much more up my street, and their petite proportions mean that they are very flattering, especially with bare legs. I noticed when I was in store that all the staff were wearing them too; the proof of the pudding is in the eating, after all.

Aldo Mx3 X Dina Saadi (Dubai), £80; Aldo Mx3 X Buff Monster (New York), £80; Aldo Mx3 X INSA (London), £80

The collaboration in question is between five street artists in five cities around the world. Each has customised a MX3 and the results are fab – I struggled to pick the pair I wanted but plumped for So Youn Lee in the end because they glow in the dark. And that’s pretty cool! You can buy all the designs and read Q&As with all the designers at


Stance’s invisible boot socks

Regular readers of this blog will know how highly I rate Stance’s ‘super invisible’ trainer socks (they’re the only ones that stay up in my experience). And since we’re well and truly into the short window of time that is known as Boots And Bare Legs weather, I thought you’d like to know about these: invisible boot socks. Genius.

Stance invisible boot socks

Stance ‘Buzzchiller’ invisible boot socks, £7.99 (

3 of the best…corduroy shoes

I’m happy to report that the obsession fashion had last winter with corduroy is going precisely nowhere. Hurrah! This week alone I have procured my second pair of corduroy dungarees (they are these beauties from Kate Sheridan) and a corduroy baker boy hat from Weekday (I blame the fact that I was listening to a playlist called ‘I Miss Britpop’ at the time). The best news is that there are now corduroy shoes to swoon over too! Here are three of my favourites (although might I suggest a wider search on the Vans website as there is TONNES of the stuff!!).

Good News ‘Rhubarb’ sneakers, £50 (; Miista ‘Suevia’ flats, £190 (; Vans Design Assembly SK8-HI, £75 (