Shoes to aid mental health…

…and the rest of this week’s Shoes News

Rogue Matilda’s brilliant initiative with Mind

You may have seen me talking about this on Instagram, and now I’m thrilled to tell you more about the project I’ve been working on with one of my favourite shoe brands, Rogue Matilda. Katie from Rogues got in touch with me a while ago to see if I would like to be involved in an initiative to highlight the fact that the arts can be incredibly helpful when it comes to mental health. I was to be one of 7 illustrators to be sent a pair of white shoes which I was then free to illustrate. When complete, the shoes would be auctioned off online and all the money raised would be donated to the charity Mind. I jumped at the chance.

En Brogue x Rogue Matilda

I have to say, it was a bit scary painting onto a beautiful white pair of shoes with acrylic paints! But once I got going it was really good fun, and very relaxing. I’ve always been a doodler since I was a child, and illustrating still brings me a great deal of peace of mind. I wanted my design to be instantly recognisable as an En Brogue shoe, so I based it loosely on my front step tiles (pictured here, above) and the vintage chair I often feature on Instagram. And here is the result!

Group 1

As you can see, all the designs are very colourful and completely individual, so if you win the bid you will end up with a pair of shoes like no other. Not only that, these shoes are incredibly comfortable, so you’ll definitely want to wear them a lot. The auction opens today and runs for a week. Head to here to make your bid!

Heist’s new summer socks

En Brogue wearing Heist socks

Heist socks, £10 (; GH Bass ‘Esther’ loafers, £91 reduced from £130 in the sale (; & Other Stories gingham dress (old)

If you’ve haven’t already discovered Heist, the brilliant tights brand, then I urge you to get clued up! I was already a huge fan of their opaques, which stay up like no others and have a flattering tummy band that makes you feel great even in the clingiest of dresses, but I hadn’t thought about them much in recent months because it’s been bare legs weather since May! Not that I’m complaining, particularly when I learnt that as of this week, Heist now does summer socks. They’re made from the same stockings material – ideal for the heat – and come with five different coloured bands. As with the tights, they stay up brilliantly, and are a great idea if you have a new pair of shoes you’d like to wear in with socks, but can’t bear the thought of wearing your usual cotton ankle socks in the summer heat.


Seven Feet Apart’s new retro kicks

Seven Feet Apart JO-18 high tops, £189, and low tops, £169 (

In one of the more random shoe collaborations I’ve seen in my time, this week I’m here to tell you about some sneakers that Jamie Oliver designed for his wife Jools to celebrate their 18th anniversary. The Jo-18 is by Seven Feet Apart (a new brand I love – read more about them here), and is a retro-style limited edition. They’re still in production, so I haven’t tried a pair myself yet, but as you can see, they are right up my street in with their white a yellow design – love them!