The best things come in small packages…

…foldable flats that are actually lovely, and the rest of this week’s Shoes News.

Morena Morena’s foldable loafers

[paid partnership with Morena Morena]

I’ve had a few foldable flats brands approach me in the past, but since this is a blog about flat shoes, I’ve never really been interested. Why would you need to change OUT of your comfortable shoes when you get to work?! When Morena Morena got in touch, however, not only did I think the designs were head and shoulders above any foldable shoes that I’d seen in the past, I also really like their ethos. These shoes haven’t been designed to change out of your heels into; they’ve been designed so that you like them so much you’ll want to carry another pair in your bag! Because one pair just won’t be enough.

As you can see here, they fold up REALLY SMALL and they easily fit all the way into a small shoulder bag with space for a small purse, keys etc as well. The heel just tucks neatly into the shoe and they don’t pop open; they also come in their own drawstring travel bag if you want to keep them really snug and safe from getting dirty.

Morena Morena ‘Caela’ loafers, £118 (

Of course, it was very important for me to try these shoes for myself before recommending them to you – I was very impressed with the shock absorbing sports insole (it feels lovely and bouncy), they’re really well made in Portugal from the softest leather, and the pinstripe design of this particular pair is very me. Once on, you can see that they don’t look like foldable flats at all, and although they do have ballerina styles available, I much prefer this and the similar loafer designs available.

Morena Morena loafers, all £118 (

Oh, and as an added bonus, they smell really nice! I thought I was imagining it at first but they are actually scented, and I suppose when they’re going to spend a lot of their time folded up in a bag, this is an important detail!

Some new colours from En Brogue favourite, Seven Feet Apart

The Original 172, £129 (

You’ve probably heard me harp on about how much I like the sneakers brand Seven Feet Apart before (but if not, you can read all about them here), and this week they brought out some new colours for summer in perforated suede. Meet the grey and pink Original 172 – how nice? Also available to pre-order is the same style in navy leather. Lovely.


3 of the best…waterproof shoes

I’m sitting writing this week’s edition of Shoes News on the Isle of Wight, and the sea looks so inviting I might just have to take a dip later. And when I’m down here, my thoughts often turn to the subject of waterproof shoes – the kind that are ideal for sailing, beaching and generally being around the wet stuff. I already included some leather options in my fisherman sandals shopping guide (read that here), so here are some the can only be referred to as one thing: jellies.

Ancient Greek Sandals ‘Ikaria’ sandals, €80 (available in 12 colours,; Juju ‘Maxi’ sandals, £26 (available in 13 colours,; Lemon Jelly ‘Crystal’ sandals, €69.90 (available in 8 colours,



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