En Brogue In Full: yellow

|The colour that’s not just for Amal Clooney|

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a massive fan of the colour yellow. It dominates my shoe collection, my wardrobe, and even my home decor. You may have noticed that it’s even part of the design of this website. Some might say that I have a problem, but since it also happens to be a huge trend this season, I’m not seeking help for my yellow addiction just yet. And anyone who watched the Royal Wedding at the weekend will be wondering whether they too can rock an Amal Clooney-esque egg yolk yellow Stella McCartney frock to some nuptials this summer.

Of course, the thing with yellow is, it’s not exactly an easy colour to wear. Personally, I tend to avoid lemon yellow, as thanks to my Greek grandmother I have olive skin, and lemon can make me look a little green at this time of year! I do think lemon works really well on either very pale or very dark skin tones, however. Warmer shades work better for me, like Amal’s egg yolk, gold and mustard. I also find it easier to wear when it’s not directly against my face, especially when I haven’t got a tan, so this dress from Urban Outfitters is great as I can pop a T-shirt underneath now, and wear without after my holidays. I also really gravitate to yellow accessories, and they’re a brilliant way to tap into the trend if you find the colour a bit scary.  I love the clash of prints with the stripe on the dress and the gingham on these Miista shoes, and it’s worth trying prints rather than the full block colour if you’re after a softer take on the look. I also think the key to wearing this much yellow in one outfit is finding shades that match exactly – the M Hulot bag is the perfect finishing touch.

There’s certainly no shortage of choice of yellow on the high street at the moment. Lovely London label Kitri has lots of frilly tops and dresses in a lemon gingham, and this sunshine dress was a sell-out last year, so grab it before it goes if you like it! I love how they’ve styled it here with leopard flats. Meanwhile, Uterque’s striped flute sleeve shirt is perfect for a more casual take – yellow looks brilliant with dark blue denim.

As for the shoes themselves – they are EVERYWHERE! I think sandals are a slightly less scary prospect, probably because you have your foot on show too, so it dilutes the look-at-me colour a little bit. If you’re off on holiday it’s worth looking in local markets for something more unique too (my friend Emma just came back from Greece with a cracking suede pair). That said, I have these Aldo mustard loafers and they’re surprisingly easy to wear (and very comfortable indeed – they have a secret squidgy comfort insole).

As always, I’d love to know what you think about wearing yellow! Did you love Amal’s outfit? Is it a colour you’d consider? Would you ever wear it top-to-toe, or is that a step too far?! Leave comments below.


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