What to wear to a wedding when you don’t want to wear heels

Flat whites are the way forward

So you’re going to a wedding this summer but you can’t face wearing heels? Don’t worry! En Brogue is here to help. If you’re still worried about ditching your heels for a posh do, I hope I can persuade you to switch to flats because you’ll have a MUCH better time. Tricky staircase to manoeuvre? No problem. Cobbled street to get to the venue? Bring it on. Amazing band playing you want to dance all night to? Just try and stop me!

Hannah wears yellow Preen by Thornton Bregazzi dress and Anne Thomas shoes; white & Other Stories dress and Mango pumps. All items are old season.

I originally wrote this feature a few years ago, but this year I’m going to draw from my own recent wedding experiences and do a much narrower edit of flat shoes that are ideal for nuptial celebrations, whether you’re a guest or getting married yourself. Because when I look back at my outfits from the last three weddings I’ve attended, they all have something in common: white shoes.

I’m a huge fan of white flats (not, incidentally, flat whites, because I hate the taste of coffee) and here’s why. First, is there anything more lovely than fresh white shoes in the summer? As well as weddings, they look brilliant with jeans, shorts, skirts…so you’ll get your money’s worth. Second, they will go with your outfit, no matter what your outfit is. Versatile. Third, they never go out of style, as the pair I’m wearing in the first and second image, which I’ve had for four years now, prove.

Probably the easiest style to opt for if you’re switching from heels for the first time is a pump. The reason for this is that they expose a lot of the top of your foot, which can help give the illusion of longer legs, a bit like a pair of heels does. A slightly pointed toe will also add to the effect. This is especially helpful if you’re wearing a dress or a skirt and you’d usually reach for the 4 inch court shoes to finish the outfit.


I do get a lot of questions asking me how I keep white shoes clean. Although I do reserve some of my white shoes for special occasions, I have a couple of pairs of brogues that get much more wear and still look pristine. The key is to make sure you only wear them when you know you’re not going to walk somewhere mucky or get caught in the rain. The weather forecast is your friend. And don’t be too lazy to clean them! I have a whole section on Instagram Highlights that covers this subject, so hop over and have a look.

I’d love to know what you think and your experiences of wearing flat shoes to weddings, especially if you wore them as the bride! Leave comments below.


  1. Great post. It would be good to see the rest of your outfit to see what you were wearing on top! 😃

  2. Last week I wore pointed pumps to a friend’s wedding and felt great! I was able to enjoy the day and was hardly off the dance floor. Choose the right pumps for the occasion and you’ll not only feel confident but you’ll look fab too!

  3. Funny you posted this today! I read it just after I bought a matching pair of trousers and top (not quite as crazy a print as yours). I have a wedding to go to this summer and am now dithering between the outfit I’d already got sorted and this new outfit. Its that sort of top and trousers set that can looks like a jump suit when worn together but is very versatile when worn with other things!

  4. […] much easier to find now, but elegant flats can easily work for you for the office, for weddings, and for any occasion at all. Look for almond shaped toes and low vamps (that means that more of […]

  5. At 5 ft 10, I rarely wear heels. My wedding shoes were a £7 glittery gold number from h&m. Super comfy and worn so many times since! Love these – especially the Charles and Keith sling backs.

  6. Love a flat white – instant summer freshness, no pedicure needed and if you get the right pair – super comfy! Need to replace my mango ones I’ve worn to death over the last few years!

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