En Brogue In Full: dungarees

I am SO HAPPY to be writing about dungarees. I flipping’ LOVE them. I have six pairs, with a seventh on order. So, you know, I know my onions when it comes to this particular style of all-in-one. But it’s not always been plain sailing when it comes to finding a pair that work for my body, nor are they particularly easy to style (especially when you have a penchant for brightly coloured striped tops and run the risk of looking like a children’s TV presenter from the 1970s), which is why I wanted to impart what I have learnt along the way to acquiring such a large collection.

Firstly, at 5ft3, there are many styles I have to rule out completely. It’s not just that the legs are too long (and in any case, with denim you can always roll up or chop off the ends), but that the body is too long, too. Any dungarees worth my consideration need  a decent strap adjustment system and not too much bib. And since I am also larger of boob than I used to be, I have to go for wider bibs as well, as I’m not keen on flashing too much side boob.


These from Levi’s work really well for me for all those reasons, with the added bonus that they are nice and nipped in at the waist, and I need a bit of help in that area, too. Plus, as is always the case with Levi’s, they are a really flattering shape on the bum. I really like wearing a print under my dungarees, but I find that shirts are a little more flattering on my figure than jersey tops. This one, for example, is ideal as it is fitted on the waist, and gives the dungarees a bit more of a polished edge than a simple T-shirt.


Shoes-wise, it gets less difficult; so long as you’ve got the proportions right on the dungarees, ideally with your ankles showing, anything goes. I’ve teamed mine with a pair of Chelsea boots, but as the summer creeps closer I’ll progress to trainers, and later Birkenstocks. I’d even team my black pair with a pair of fancy flats for an alternative evening outfit.

As usual, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Do you steer clear of dungarees because you’re keen to avoid looking like Dexys Midnight Runners circa Come On Eileen? Did you only wear them when you were pregnant? OR…Do you have any favourite brands for dungarees? How do you wear yours? Leave comments below!


  1. LOVE dungarees! I have a similar body shape and I’m a massive fan of Carrier Company. Think theyre just online. They’re absolutely gorge 🙂

  2. I’m a recent convert to dungarees, being also short and big-boobed I just assumed they’d never work for me. I took my chances on a cheap pair from h & m though, and LOVE them. Love your styling tips, have also loved your shoe recommendations and really enjoying the clothes ones too!

    • They look lovely! But the fabric is a little loose for me – I prefer something a bit more structured to hold everything in!!
      The pink culottes are also VERY nice…

  3. This is a timely post as I’ve recently purchased dungarees from Toast and have been having styling issues. Problem solved. Will try them out with a leopard print blouse and my beloved Superstars. Thanks for a superb In Full piece.

  4. I actually hate dungarees – never even wore them when pregnant – and although I won’t be buying a pair, I do really like how you’ve styled them here.

    You’ve talked about your penchant for a jazzy sock a lot. I’d love to see how you style a full outfit when you are wearing them, as that’s something I really struggle with! X

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