New brand alert: Laskaas

Instagram may have its faults (AKA algorithms), but in many ways it is a wonderful thing. Not least because of the new brands that have contacted me over the years to let me know that they exist and that I might like their shoes!  (In addition to this one, I have another coming up for you on the blog really soon)

Laskaas close up

En Brogue wearing Laskaas sneakers

En Brogue wearing Laskaas

A couple of weeks ago, I was messaged by Laskaas, a Slovakian sneaker brand based in Britain which although brand new, has already found a UK stockist in one of my favourite high street stores, Anthropologie. They offered to send me a pair of shoes to try out, and I jumped at the chance. It’s always nice for me to try out a new brand for you before I write about it, so I am ready for any questions you may have for me about quality/fit/comfort (do always feel free to leave comments below in that regard, by the way).

Laskaas lilac

Ase suede high top trainers, £84 (

Anyway, other than the fact that they look REALLY GREAT, on closer inspection there are many other reasons to embrace these shoes. That retro look has been achieved by using original gym shoe moulds and traditional techniques, such as leaving raw edges for that true vintage, non-mass produced look. Natural rubber is a key material, and the vulcanisation process is used to melt it to the canvas or suede uppers (this process has been used for centuries, but was patented by Goodyear in 1845, and this led to the invention of plimsolls – we’d have no trainers without it!). Oh, and they are really comfortable, you’ll be glad to hear!

Laskaas black

Helmi suede trainers, £75 (

Anthropologie is stocking a low top black version of my pair, as well as metallic, pink and lilac versions, which are all lovely. For everything else, including my lovely white suede high tops with gum soles, head directly to the Laskaas website. I’m very impressed; they are really great quality, and the price is pretty good too.

Jonna suede trainers, £75 (; Metallic rose gold trainers, £75 (

Laskaas Biely hi tops, £85 (; Ruxova hi tops, £85 (

To keep up to date with the brand as it grows, follow Laskaas on Instagram here.

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