Clarks Originals’ stand alone store is open, and the rest of this week’s Shoes News

Clarks Originals opens in Soho

WELL THIS IS EXCITING! You guys all know that I am a massive fan of Clarks Originals, but if I’m honest, less so when it comes to the Clarks in store shopping experience. The cool association with countless subcultures just isn’t reflected in those forest green stores which, most of the time, don’t even stock the Originals styles like desert boots and Trigenics that I’ve gone in there for in the first place. I tend to head to The Natural Shoe Store for its Clarks Originals edit instead – it’s just so much more pleasurable!

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But now London’s Berwick Street has a store dedicated to Clarks Originals, and nothing but Clarks Originals. REJOICE! And I went to the launch party on Thursday. It’s a pretty small shop with a tight edit, but everything in there is amazing. Trigenics with pink soles, a Nanna-style shoe straight from the Originals archives (more on that later this week) and Wallabees in a delightful shade of my favourite colour, yellow.

Clarks Originals store London

The great news is that this isn’t a pop-up and the store will be here permanently. I’d also like to take full credit for this store opening, since I do remember chatting to someone from Clarks’ head office a few years ago and saying it would be a fantastic idea! So it was OBVIOUSLY all down to me… (wink)

Grenson’s sell-out Nanette boots now come in off-white!

Alexis Foreman Style Memos wearing Grenson Nanette boots

Alexis Foreman wearing Grenson Nanette boots in black. Read Alexis’s blog Style Memos , or head to her Instagram for more style inspo

If there was one boot that everyone wanted last season, it was the Grenson Nanette, with its chunky Nineties-style sole and hiking laces. I think its popularity was largely down to the lovely Alexis from Style Memos killing it on Instagram in hers – who wouldn’t want to buy a pair after seeing them styled up like this?! A few of you got in touch because you weren’t fast enough and missed out of them first time around so I’m happy to tell you that the black will be back in stock next month.

Grenson Nanette boots in beige

Grenson Nanette boots in beige, £240 (

In more good news though, as well as being available in brown right now, the off-white version dropped online yesterday. HOW NICE?! If you fancy them, I wouldn’t hang around because they’re bound to fly off the shelves. Obviously, being made by the heritage brand I love so much I named my dog after it, Grenson shoes aren’t particularly cheap, but that’s because they are really high quality and will last for years – I’ve had some since they first started making them for women and they still look great. Oh, and – naturally – another reason I love this brand so much is that they are really, REALLY comfortable. (Disclaimer: this isn’t a sponsored post I just really love Grenson boots!)

I don’t do Valentine’s Day, but…

Mr Brogue and I are a little bah humbug when it comes to Valentine’s Day. In my opinion, we do it much better; he always waits until a week later to buy me a much bigger bunch of flowers than his money would have stretched to on actual V-Day, and we go out for dinner all year-round, so there’s no need to fork out on a meal and be surrounded by annoying pink balloons just because everyone else is.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 18.31.08

However, that’s no reason not to take advantage of a brilliant in-store shopping event this weekend, which is love themed, but doesn’t require you buy a card, have a meal, or even spend any romantic time with anyone else. Just get yourself down to the female sneaker store Kicks Love in Deptford, London, to get 20% off everything in store, plus a beer or prosecco and a cupcake with every purchase.

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