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It’s time to stop buying socks in pairs

EnBrogue wearing Solo Socks

Wilhelm socks, €27.97 (

I’m almost as mad about socks as I am about shoes, so I was thrilled when Solo Socks got in touch to tell me about their new way of buying them. I doubt there’s anyone here who hasn’t suffered from the age-old problem of disappearing socks (where do they go?!), so this brand is taking an entirely new approach to how they sell them; instead of being available in matching pairs, they come as *almost* matching sets of seven. I know, genius!


Jacobsen socks €39.95 (

If any of you are fans of Oybo (read more about them here), you’ll be totally on board with this idea of wearing slightly odd socks. I’ve got so used to it now that it feels a bit weird to wear socks that 100% match! Solo Socks is a Danish brand, and that classic mid-century style comes through in the design. Just because they’re being sold as non-pairs, doesn’t mean they’re not subtle! They also come with a handy cardboard storage drawer, since you’re not going to ball these babies up two by two…


Prices here are all in Euros, and they do ship to the UK (it’s free for orders over €50), but you can also buy them at Origin 68 in Manchester (you can’t use my discount here though I’m afraid). To get 15% off your purchase, simply enter the code ‘enbrogue’ when you check out on the website.


3 of the best…patterned mules

Schutz Elvan palm print, £168 (; striped, £305, Le Monde Beryl Mola Sasa striped (; Zara floral, £25.99 (

There’s blossom on the trees! The sun is out! (well, it is as I type this, at least) So I am starting to long for the time I can start wearing summer shoes. And a good place to start is with a pair of mules…because your toes are still covered so you might actually be able to entertain the idea of wearing them, in spite of the biting wind that is the reality of going outside in early February in the UK. So here are three of my favourites, all of which would also look fab as wallpaper!

In other spring news….

Converse has just launched loads of new colours in its classic One Stars. I’m a huge fan of these shoes (I have three pairs now!) – I love their 90s vibes and they’re really comfortable. A great alternative to Vans if you want a similar look but something a bit different. And as you can see, there are loads and LOADS of colours to choose from! Available now from

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