DMs has teamed up with A Bathing Ape

Barely a month goes by without another fab collaboration from Dr Martens. Today, it releases its joint effort with Japanese label A Bathing Ape – also known as BAPE – in the form of these very cool, very subtle camouflage shoes.

En Brogue wearing Dr Martens x A Bathing Ape

Shoes, 1461 Bape, £120 (; socks, €26 (; jeans, Paige (old); dog, model’s own

“But they’re not camouflage!” I hear you cry…however, look closely and you’ll notice an embossed pattern on the leather. It’s like a nice surprise once you’re near enough to see it! Available in the 1460 BAPE (boot) and the 1461 BAPE (shoe), they come in classic black or oxblood. Perfect if you fancy something a bit different without being too flamboyant!

Dr Martens x A Bathing Ape

Blundstone’s pop up store in Covent Garden

This week, Blundstone launched its first ever physical store in the UK, and where better to pick than the road I’ve always thought is one of the best in London for shoe shopping: Neal Street. It opened its doors on Australia Day earlier this week (it’s a Tasmanian brand) but is only going to be there short term. I don’t have a date that it will close yet but I would advise not hanging about! I’ve never forgotten how disappointed I was when I tried to visit the tinned fish pop-up restaurant in London a few years ago and it had closed the previous day…(true story — tinned fish is a weird obsession of mine!)

Anyway, as you know, Blundstone is a brand I know well and really trust for fantastic, comfortable, waterproof boots. They are my daily go-to for dog walking (and Mr Brogue’s, too), though they are much too good looking to be confined to that alone, and are insanely comfortable from the moment you put them on. En Brogue recommended for sure!

En Brogue does This Morning

If you follow me on Instagram, you can’t have failed to miss this, but yesterday I was on This Morning on ITV! At first I was disappointed it wasn’t a Holly and Phillip day, but it turned out that Eamonn and Ruth are absolutely lovely, so it was all fine.

En Brogue wearing Rogue Matilda

Rogue Matilda “Birdie” shoes (no longer available, but there is a brilliant sale on here and they have the same ones in black)

I was invited on to debate with a lady who is a celebrity dating expert (who knew?!), and seems to think that all women, particularly those under 5ft10, should wear heels on a date. MASSIVE EYE ROLL. You can watch it here – including the part where she calls me out for the shoes I was wearing (above) having a ONE inch heel. I MEAN. Anyway, it was lots of fun (Nadia was very pleasant off camera!) and I am wearing a LOT of make-up, which made my eyes water. Oh, the glamour of live television!

6 thoughts on “ Dr Martens x BAPE, En Brogue on TV, and the rest of this week’s Shoes News ”

  1. You are so right. Anybody who thinks that flats shoes don’t equate effort needs their head looking at! I’ve seen women in heels that are scruffy, or where it’s obvious they’ve used them way too much for driving by the way the right heel is so scuffed and worn – that equates to no effort!
    If your shoes are well chosen, clean, polished and you can walk confidently in them, then you will look great, regardless of height. But if you wear heels, aren’t comfortable or totter without confidence, then this will be what you project. And to be honest any man who expects me to wear heels on a first date isn’t worth the effort. A man who accepts me for who I am, flats and all is worth his weight in gold! (Luckily this describes my husband perfectly).
    I wear heels occasionally, even then mostly boots, as I find these easier to walk in, and more comfortable. I like the freedom to chose, and I chose to wear flats about 95% plus of the time. I follow your blog because you show me the kind of shoes I wear most of the time.

    1. Exactly! It’s all about freedom to choose, being yourself, and not being dictated to by someone else! Feeling confident comes in many guises and for me, it certainly doesn’t involve wearing heels!

  2. We have a long way to go when women advocate opinions like this lady – what is she thinking?? How can tottering EVER equate to feeling confident? But there are women who measure their worth by how attractive they are to men, in the whoarr sense. It’s up to women generally to chip away at this and I’m happy to be there, on the front line in my flats.

  3. Better a classy amazing outfit with flats, than a date who can’t walk in heels and has a look of pain! Dear date expert haven’t we moved on a bit, men don’t necessarily want to be with barbie, they would prefer a confident stylish happy lady I am sure.
    Flats = stylish
    Heels = pain

  4. You looked fantastic on TV Hannah! Totally agree with you. As you get older it is much harder to keep wearing heels.
    The practice of Chinese footbinding always springs to mind when I think about high heels.

    1. Thank you! ☺️ Yes, let’s not forget who invented heels – men! For themselves initially and then they realised what a bind they are and passed them on to us! The point is, of course, that we have a choice to wear whatever we want and not be dictated to. And that the notion that flat shoes can’t be smart/sexy/appropriate to wear to a ball is extremely outdated!

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