Recycle your shoes, Converse Golf le Fleur, and more…

Vagabond’s new Shoe Bring Back initiative

I have always been a bit of an environmentalist (I wrote to various companies as a child asking them to do more recycling – I know! Get me!), but I find shoes incredibly hard to dispose of responsibly.  If they’re in good condition, they’re quite difficult to give away – because you have to find someone with the right sized feet! – and I know some people feel a bit icky about buying shoes from charity shops (not that it stops me giving my old clobber to them, mind you). Not to mention that when they’ve really worn out, it seems criminal to put all those material in the bin and send them off to landfill.

Vagabond shoe recycling

So I was thrilled to hear about Vagabond‘s new Shoe Bring Back scheme, which launches in its Kingston Upon Thames store on Monday (January 22nd). Shoes are quite complicated to recycle due to the different materials and glues used to produce them, so Vagabond has teamed up with i:Collect Germany, a company that specialises in clothing recycling. Customers can deposit their shoes in recycle bins in store; shoes that are still wearable will be sent to new homes, while those that are past it will have their materials recycled. And of course, you can browse the current collection at Vagabond with a clear conscience while you’re in there! Sadly it’s not exactly local for me, but let’s hope more locations pop up soon.

14 women + 2 weeks = 10 pairs of Nike trainers

What do you get when you ask fourteen female footwear designers to reimagine Nike’s classic Air Force 1 and Air Jordan styles…in just two weeks? This cracking collection of kicks, that’s what. Originally designed by men for male athletes, the result is a selection of both styles reimagined for women by women, who, by the way, have always loved both styles. They will be available on the SNKRS app from February 9th – I say that casually like it’s a thing everyone knows about. I didn’t know about it. It’s only an app you can buy trainers from, innit! – and you can read more about the project here.

UPDATE: the trainers are now also available to buy on the Nike website here

Converse’s new GOLF le FLEUR collection has nearly sold out already

Converse Golf le Fleur, £80 (

In his latest collaboration with Converse, musician Tyler, the Creator, has released three colours of his signature Golf le Fleur suede trainers. They’re like really psychedelic One Stars. Cool, eh? The pink has already sold out in the UK even though they only launched on Thursday (the blue and green are still available in limited colours), but if you happen to be reading this in the US, you can still get them at Golf Wang.