Sunday Sneakers Shoes News special!

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m experimenting with posting Shoes News on a Sunday evening this week, and since it’s Sunday, and I happen to have lots of trainers news for you, I thought I would make it a Sunday Sneakers special! Hurrah!

Nubikk – the new Dutch sneakers brand you need in your life

Nubikk leopard trainers

Yeye Ninto Pony sneakers, £145 (

First up, I bring you this shoe brand that has just launched in the UK. Nubikk, which is based in Amsterdam, does do shoes and boots as well, but I think its trainers are what really stand out as being totally swoon worthy. The hero style has to be the pony skin leopard print kicks (above), and those fab hiker-esque coloured laces are featured on many other styles, including some in navy pony, gold leather or pale pink.

Nubikk frill trainers

Yeye Ruffle sneakers, £140 (

The brand takes its inspiration from the Nineties, with chunky soles (though thankfully not of Buffalo proportions!) and that all-important Scary Spice animal print. I haven’t had the chance to try on a pair myself, but they are made in Portugal, which is where many of the new sneaker labels I know and trust produce their shoes, so I would hope they will be comfortable as well as looking great!

Nubikk pink trainers

Yeye Ninth sneakers, £140 (

Good ol’ Marks and Sparks has some cracking kicks in store right now

Does My Bum Look 40 wearing M&S trainers

Kat from Does My Bum Look 40 wearing Marks & Spencer leather D-ring trainers, £49.50 (

This week I spied the lovely Kat from the style blog Does My Bum Look 40 on Instagram wearing a smashing pair of trainers. They were white, with a two-tone sole, and looked rather expensive. But on closer inspection, it turned out they were actually from M&S and only cost £49.50! Fancy that!

Marks and Spencer white two-tone trainers

As well as the white ones that Kat is wearing here, they come in grey (with grey and white sole) or beige suede (with beige and black sole). Oh, and if you don’t already follow Kat on Instagram, give her a follow here. As well as being incredibly stylish, she’s hilariously funny too!


The shoes I wear for my VERY low-key exercise regime

Well, it is January, and I’ve done some form of exercise every day since January 1st. I know, get me! But as I have a niche spinal disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis – we sufferers call it AS for short, because that’s a bit of a mouthful! – I have to be a little careful about the type of exercise I do. There’s no rugby, tennis, or golf on doctor’s orders (see also hoovering and floor mopping for the win!) but I’m a big fan of Pilates, Barre, aqua fit with the elderly ladies, and short runs with the dog. All of these things require footwear (mostly trainers), and these are the ones getting me through right now.

For running

Asics Gel Quantum

Asics Gel-Quantum 360 Knit trainers, £165 (

I only do short 20 minute runs around the park with Grenson my dog, but I have invested in some shoes to give me good support. Loads of people recommended Asics to me and I can now vouch for them too – they are brilliantly comfortable.

For classes

adidas NMD Primeknit

adidas NMD Primeknit, £104.96 reduced from £149.95 (

When I go to Pilates or Barre, the main thing I want from my trainers is the ability to take them off and put them on again quickly. For this reason I love my adidas NMDs – of course, I could just wear my Vans but these make me feel a bit more sporty and ready to work out!

For the pool

Gandys flip flops

Aztec Sand flip flops, £14 reduced from £24 (

Never forget your flip flops! It’s the only time I wear them, but I couldn’t be without them. I also love the ethics behind the brand Gandys, which was founded purely to sell flip flops by brothers Rob and Paul to raise money for their Orphans for Orphans foundation, after they themselves tragically lost their parents during the Tsunami of 2004. They now also sell accessories and apparel with a strong focus on fair and environmentally conscious production. Oh, and the flip flops are lovely too, so good all round!