*sigh* I have become obsessed with completely impractical fluffy pool slides

Hello everyone! And a happy new year to you all. I took a bit of a break from blogging to concentrate on hosting Christmas, having a stinking cold, and burning said cold away by drinking copious amounts of Prosecco on New Year’s Eve even though I had a raging temperature (skillz, I think you’ll agree). But it’s time to start writing again, and today I thought I would share with you my new, completely impractical obsession: fluffy slippers.

En Brogue wearing Emu slippers.png

Wrenlette slippers, £39.95 reduced from £52 (freepeople.com)

Regular followers of my Instagram account may already be familiar with the shoes that started this whole thing off. Before Christmas, I was researching a piece for the Evening Standard and I came across the most divine sheepskin slides from American brand, Free People (above). In a moment of madness, I ordered them, and before I knew it I was in love! As was my mum, who I also ordered a pair for in navy. This style is now in the sale (but they’re quite hard to find – search ‘Wrenlette slippers’), plus they have a natty update in the form of some boho-style slippers in cream or brown. Perfect if you are into the Gucci vibe.

Free People Laguna slippers, £40 (freepeople.com)

I wore my Free People slippers every day over the Christmas break – they are so festive! – though not outside as I had threatened to do when I first got them. Because it’s not really been the weather for it, has it. But there’s something so luxurious about popping on what are essentially pool slides while at the same time having toasty toes because of the lovely fluffy insole. So I was thrilled when one of my fav brands, Ancient Greek Sandals, sent me a pair of sandals from their upcoming summer collection to try out this week. Not only are they lilac – NEWSFLASH! Lilac is THE colour of the year – but they are made from a retro towelling fabric. I KNOW! They remind me of my grandmother, not just because she was Greek, but because that fabric and colour are so reminiscent of 1970s old ladies. And I mean that in a totally good way! Once I had these in my hands I knew it was a proper obsession.

En Brogue wearing Ancient Greek Sandals towlelling pool slides

En Brogue wearing Ancient Greek Sandals (available soon); grey (also available in red, navy, black and cream), Free People, £32.95 (freepeople.com); burgundy Next/Label Mix (no longer available)

The key to getting the completely impractical fluffy slippers thing right, is finding some that have the fluffiness on the inside of the shoe. There’s no point whatsoever it just being on the outside, other than the fact that it looks really fun. Last summer I bought a pair of adidas adilette slides which were towelling on the strap but rubber everywhere else, and although I love them, I am now lusting after their winter counterparts, which are lined on the insole with the same snuggly fleece that makes up the strap, and are available in black or a shade that, given the texture, is best described as teddy bear.

adidas adilette slides, £44.95 (adidas.co.uk)

I’d love to know what you think – I reckon a lot of you will think I am mad but I always love to hear from you!

NB: the Ancient Greek Sandals aren’t available to buy yet, but I will update you when they are!

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