Ancient Greek Sandals now does boots! Plus princess socks, and more Shoes News

Ancient Greek Boots

AGS boots

Hera boots, £280, Ancient Greek Sandals (

I’m a big fan of the brand Ancient Greek sandals, not least because its name leaves no ambiguity as to what it does. Well, until now. Because the classic sandals specialist has branched out into winter boots, and they’re pretty amazing. The style, called Hera, is a moccasin suede boot with a sheepskin vamp and cool criss-cross laces. In love!

Snow White socks

Stance Snow White socks

Stance Snow White socks, £13.99 (

Another brand I’m a big believer in in Stance, the American socks label that has the best staying up power in the business. It makes the only trainer socks I trust to remain on my feet inside my sneakers, and I always wear its more sturdy long sports socks when I’m out hiking. Now, in its on-going partnership with Disney (it also does Star Wars socks, Lucas fans!) it has brought out a Snow White collection, including an “Evil Queen” style as well as the pair you see here. Sure, they’re a bit silly, but this image proves you can actually make a novelty sock look pretty nice! Speaking of socks…

En Brogue on the radio

ASOS sequin socks

ASOS sequin socks, £8 (

You might have noticed on social media, but I was on Woman’s Hour yesterday! They invited me on to talk to Jenni Murray about party socks – a subject I seem to have become somewhat of a specialist in! See my Michael Jackson-style ASOS socks above. You can listen back on the iPlayer (here) – I’m the second guest.