Shoes News: Vans’ new velvet kicks and boots with bum bags (!!)

Velvety Vans in time for party season 


Van velvet Slip-Ons, £55 (

This week Vans released a sumptuous collection of velvet sneakers. It might be a bit early for some of you – although certainly not for the person in the next street to me who already has their Christmas decorations up – but I reckon you can get on board with your festive footwear much earlier than, say, the novelty battery powered earrings (HI MUM!).


Vans tan velvet Old Skools, £60 (

Although velvet is perfect for party season, it’s not so out there that you can wear these kicks well before and beyond Christmas. My favourites are the bottle green slip-ons, but as you can see, there is loads of choice, and this isn’t even the whole collection! There is also apparel and accessories available if you fancy the full look.


Vans pink velvet Old Skools, £60 (

While we’re on the subject of seasonal sneakers…

Converse Holiday Nudes

The Converse holiday nudes collection is back! Although they don’t seem to be calling it The Holiday Nudes collection this year. Anyway, I spied them on the Office website earlier this week and I thought you’d like to know, since they were really popular last year. I’ve updated the links in my original post (you can read that here) but if you just head to the Converse section of the Office website you can see all those lovely muted styles for yourself.

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Bum bags are so cool they now come on boots?!

Solid Ranger’ ankle boots, £110 (

Bum bags have been big news in fashion of late, so I guess it was only a matter of time before this happened. Yes guys, the boot bum bag is here! This might seem like hands-free gone mad, but Palladium has some boots in its current collection which come with a removable zip bag on each foot. Madness or genius? You decide!

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