Three of the best silver loafers, and the rest of this week’s Shoes News

New shoe brand alert!

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 15.52.05

Tricolour wingtip brogues, £179 (

Calling all you flamboyant flat shoe lovers out there – a new shoe label has arrived, and it is VERY colourful. You will love it! Tint London has every extrovert’s box ticked, with metallic brogues, three-tone wingtips and geometric print loafers. They might not be cheap, but that’s because they are handmade and hand stitched from Italian leather, so the quality is great which I’m all for (I’m not a fan of fast fashion). And in spite of all this Italian-ness, they are actually based in London, with a store in Covent Garden’s Apple Market.

Geometric loafers, £129, and pink metallic brogues, £179 (

Three of the best…silver loafers

Clockwise from left: Trigger, £90 (; Orla, £250 (; Arianna, £140 (

I stumbled across these beauties from Cara Shoes this week and realised that we really are getting into snazzy shoes territory. It’s nearly Halloween, which means it’s virtually Christmas, so definitely time to bring out the sparkle! Speaking of which…

Susan Calman for the win!

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 16.21.03

Hands up who’s watching Strictly? I’m a huge fan every year, but last week I voted for what might be the first time ever (although there have probably been a couple of tipsy votes in years past that I have forgotten about if I am totally honest because really, what’s a better Saturday night in than wine, curry and Strictly?).

Anyway, who did I vote for? Susan Calman of course! I love her! Now, you might think I’ve gone a bit off topic here, but one of the reasons I love Susan so much is that she too is a flat shoe lover. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to dance in heels but she’s doing an amazing job. She’s the kind of dancer that just makes you want to get up and join in, preferably with Kevin Clifton. Oh, and her profile picture on Twitter is Pootle from The Flumps. Really, what’s not to love about Susan?!


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