HELLO EVERYONE! I come to you this week between shows at London Fashion Week, and since I am now working at a daily newspaper, this means I am BUSY BUSY BUSY. But I couldn’t not bring you your weekly shoes headlines, now could I? However, I’m going to have to keep it brief, as I have a full weekend of shows and I confess, I have had a few glasses of wine post meeting with Donatello Versace. This actually happened. She was fabulous. Anyway….

Birkenstock x Barneys


Arizona in suede with blue shearling lining, £235; Arizona in patent with pink shearling lining, £215, both birkenstock.com

Just because the summer has gone, doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing your beloved Birkenstocks; simply invest in a pair that has shearling lining. New this week are the brand’s collaboration with Barneys New York, available in patent leather or suede with either a pink or a blue lining. If you’re after something a bit more subtle (and cheaper) though, you might prefer this season’s on trend burgundy option instead.

Birkenstock Arizona shearling burgundy

Arizona burgundy felt suede, £105 (birkenstock.com)

Duo boots has returned

DUO boots


You may remember Duo boots – the width fitting specialist which recently rebranded itself as Ted & Muffy. Well, it turns out you guys were on the money – many of you contacted me to say you were sad to see the back of Duo – the brand has come to the conclusion that Ted & Muffy is no more and Duo is back! The website doesn’t boast a huge selection of my preferred ankle height flats, but if you’re into tall knee-highs and lower block heels it really delivers. And the main thing to remember about Duo is that as well as fitting the width of your foot, it considers the size of your calf too for the perfect fit. Ideal.

ASOS White x Reebok

ASOS has teamed up with sports brand Reebok for an exclusive collaboration which launches online next week, with further styles dropping on the site in November. I love that Reebok has recently found favour again as a fashionable brand, especially because it is British – you’ll notice the Union Flag on each pair of shoes. This collection feature lace, stripes and polka dots. I’ll add in the prices and links once it all goes live!

Right, now excuse me while I get out to the shows again – Burberry today – whoop!

One thought on “ Pink shearling Birkenstocks! And the rest of this week’s Shoes News ”

  1. I am pleased to see Duo back, albeit with a more limited range than in the past. Also, it’s always annoyed me that with their knee length boots you can only stipulate your calf width and not your foot width as well.

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