Puma X Sophia Webster – get them before they’re gone! + this week’s Shoes News

The Puma X Sophia Webster collection that sold out in 1 day (but there’s more stock coming)

Puma x Sophia Webster

Puma X Sophia Webster Pearl Cage sneakers, £110 (puma.com)

On Tuesday evening I attended the launch of the Puma x Sophia Webster collection on Carnaby Street. What I wasn’t expecting was to tell you that four days later, all the shoes have sold out! But thankfully, that’s just on Sophia’s own website, and there’s another launch on Puma’s own site this morning. Phew!

Puma X Sophia Webster Pearl Cage high tops, £125, and low tops, £110 (puma.com)

Anyway, the shoes are all inspired by Sophia’s love of dance – in fact, she’s an accomplished dancer herself as you can see here in the campaign video – and the sneakers and clothing in the range is designed with this in mind. I used to dance four times a week, and have been thinking about going back for a while, so I reckon this is just the impetus I need to go! As you can see from this picture, I’m a tap dancer, but I reckon I should try something a bit more street in these beauties…or maybe even breakdancing for beginners!


Puma X Sophia Webster Suedes, £80 (puma.com)

In addition to this comfy sock-style which comes in high and low top, there’s a new spin on the classic Puma Suede in neon with speckled soles, as well as some cool Velcro sandals in black or white, and pool slides. But if you fancy a pair I’d hurry up, because I don’t reckon they will be around for long!

A fab new style book (and I’m quoted in it!)


Know Your Style, £12.99 (amazon.co.uk)

It’s not all about shoes – this week I want to draw your attention to a new book by Alyson Walsh, who writes the blog That’s Not My Age. I’ve loved Alyson’s writing since her first book – Style Forever – landed on my desk when I worked at InStyle. The tag line was ‘the grown-up guide to looking fabulous’, and it did exactly what it promised, as well as being beautifully illustrated.

En Brogue Know Your Style

Her new book is called Know Your Style, and is full of tips and tricks from industry insiders (including the fabulous Lucinda Chambers) about learning to craft your own aesthetic, but also taking a few sartorial risks and feeling confident with it. It’s warm and charming, and the illustrations by Ayumi Takahashi are so gorgeous that I would happily hang them on my wall. My bit is in the chapter about flat shoes, obviously!

Know Your Style

Might I also point out at this point what a nice companion it makes to my own books? Alyson and I are obviously on the same wavelength!

Oliver Sweeney introduces women’s shoes (yay!)

Oliver Sweeney

Bibbiena tan Chelsea boots, £299 (oliversweeney.com)

Men’s dress shoe expert Oliver Sweeney this week launched its first ever women’s range and I’ve been lucky enough to try a pair out for myself. I can report that these Chelsea boots feel as good as they look! The leather is reassuringly sturdy but they’re really comfortable right away. This style also comes in black with an on-trend maroon elastic gusset.

Left to right: Bibbiena black Chelsea boots, £299; Caponnoli Oxford brogues, £229; Montemerano burgundy leather trainers, £199; all oliversweeney.com

In addition to the boots, there are brogues, leather trainers and espadrilles, as well as some heels but you’re not interested in the latter, right?! They don’t come cheap, but you get what you pay for – we’re talking handmade Italian shoes here – you can even read about the brand’s master cobbler, Gianni, over on the website.

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