Chris Kane’s Crocs are back, and the rest of this week’s Shoes News

Designer Crocs at a price you can actually afford

Remember when I reported last year that London Fashion Week favourite Christopher Kane had shown jewel encrusted Crocs on the catwalk? Well, his collaboration with the brand has continued into another season, only this time, they’re not at eye-watering high prices. The actual real life precious stones that adorned the runway versions have been replaced with faux jewels and pom-poms, allowing them to be kept at the far more reasonable price tag of £64.99.

Crocs x Christopher Kane whiteCrocs x Christopher Kane yellow

They might not be quite my thing – although I have to say I much prefer these to the big stone-encrusted catwalk ones – but I know there are some of you that will love them! My old InStyle editor Charlotte is a fan and has already been spotted wearing hers. Available now from

Charlotte Moore wearing Crocs

This story was in association with Crocs

New lovely website alert: Lusophile

En Brogue wearing Ryg loafers

A new website selling beautiful Portuguese wares got in touch with me recently to see if I would be interested in trying out a pair of its shoes. And once I had seen pictures of them I replied with a big fat YES! Because look at them, aren’t they beaut?

Left to right: RYG beige loafers, £96 reduced from £120; RYG aqua loafers, £96 reduced from £120; RYG salmon suede shoes, £98 reduced from £125 (

Lusophile stocks these RYG loafers and a similar style suede shoe in cream with accents of salmon, mint and beige, and I can report that they are gorgeous to wear. The suede is soft and the white sole is instantly comfortable, though I haven’t worn them out properly yet because the weather has been so appalling. They’re also on sale right now, so you can pick them up for a bargain. Fans of the shoes on the front cover of my book might be interested in the green ones, as they have a very similar vibe.

Lusophile rug

Atelier Morse rug, £99 (

But that’s not where the good news ends. Lusophile also sells homeware, beauty products, food and gifts. I’ve just bought myself a rug (it took me AGES to decide which one to get though, the choice is amazing, but I opted for the one above), and some cork insulated egg cups and tea cups. I challenge you to look on the website and not want to buy loads of stuff! IT IS NOT POSSIBLE!

set of 6 coasters, £33; teapot, £29.95 (

Shoe twinning at Copenhagen Fashion Week

pictures from

What’s the best way to get noticed by street style photographers at Copenhagen Fashion Week, other than wearing a banging outfit? Why, by choosing to wear matching shoes to your favourite FROW buddy, that’s how. I’m a seasoned accidental twinner (as the hilarious picture below from Milan Fashion Week a few years ago proves – note how much funnier I find it than the girl I am standing next to!) but I can’t help thinking that these pictures from Denmark this week were deliberate stunts to get snapped. Ah, whatever, fashion should be fun! Good work, girls, you made me smile.



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