Geometrics and fluff: it’s this week’s Shoes News

New label alert: Saira


If you are in the east London area any time between now and September 30th, might I suggest that you head to 189 Shoreditch High Street and visit new shoe brand Saira’s pop up? With a focus on flats and geometric prints, this is a label that’s right up my street! Founder Aditi, who studied at Central Saint Martins, has tapped into her Indian heritage to come up with a cracking collection of bright textile sandals and slippers. In love. The shop is open 10am-6pm every day except Sundays, which is 11am-5pm. From £80.


Three of the best…woolly slippers

Yellow Gucci Princetown loafers, £725 (; animal print & Other Stories faux fur slippers, £79 (; pink and black Free People faux fur loafers, £118 (

OK, bear with me on this one. I’m not talking about slippers that you would wear around the house, but actual fashion slippers to wear outside and look, let’s face it, a little bit ridiculous in. BUT HOW GREAT WOULD THEY FEEL?! I was inspired to write this when I stumbled across some amazing Avec Moderation furry pool slides in Boutique 1 on Sloane Street this week. They were in the sale and I loved them, and I seemed to remember that Avec Moderation only uses faux fur so was ready to purchase. Until I double checked…and it turned out they were mink. BOO! So, here is a lovely selection of faux fur and sheepskin options instead, and I’ve gone for a selection with a closed toe as I think that makes more sense than a sandal. I had to include one of the original catwalk versions so rather than Miu Miu, which was cheaper but black (and if you’re going to do fluffy shoes you might as well make them yellow, right?!) you’re getting Gucci. I know, I know, but just look at them and amuse yourself with the fact that some people in the world have actually spent that much money to wear such silly shoes on their feet! Lol.

Working girls

Anthropologie work flats

That story was back again this week – the one started by Nicola Thorp (hero!) about getting the law changed to stop women being forced to wear high heels to work. A new study showed, unsurprisingly, that it’s bad for our health and wellbeing. So to celebrate, I’ve updated my office flats feature with 13 new season styles. Have a read of that here.