It’s a Shoes News holiday special!

This week, as we’re in full summer holiday mode, the schools have broken up, and technically I am also on holiday (but couldn’t let you miss out on your shoes headlines, of course), I thought I’d make this week all about vacation footwear. Just add sunglasses…

LOVE this new super-summery brand


Drilles is so brand spanking new that its website isn’t even up and running yet! But it’s due to go live early next week so I thought I’d let you know about it, hot off the press. The brainchild of fashion editor Amy Williams, Drilles is the maker of fine espadrilles; the kind that are so well made that you won’t need to throw them away at the end of the summer like those ones you picked up at the Super U last year in France. They have all the attributes you love in classic espadrilles, but are sturdier in their construction, being made of leather and with a rubber sole to protect the jute from the elements. They also have an insole, which makes them more comfortable than their disposable cousins.


Drilles espadrilles are all handmade by skilled craftspeople in Spain in their own homes (!) before being finished at a workshop in a town called Elda which has a rich history in shoe making. You guys know how I love a good story, especially one which involves shoes being handmade. And as somewhat of an environmentalist, I really like that the shoes arrive in an un-dyed brown cardboard box which is super easy to recycle. Oh, and as you can see, the shoes themselves are absolute beauts! They will be available in 10 colours (sizes 36-41 for women and 42-44 for men) at £155 from (I will update you when it goes live).


En Brogue wearing Oak and Hyde

En Brogue wearing Oak & Hyde ‘Malaga’ sandals in vintage green, £35 (

Oak & Hyde is a new brand on my radar, so when they got in touch to see if I fancied trying out a pair of shoes and I saw the incredibly reasonable prices, I jumped at the chance. Because while I do think that you need to spend a decent amount of money on good leather shoes (otherwise, how on earth are they paying the people who make them AND sourcing their materials responsibly?), when it comes to sandals, there’s not much leather involved, so it’s perfectly reasonable to expect to pay less than £50 in my opinion. And yes, these do look rather like another well-known and well-loved brand, but they’re brilliant if you fancy getting a snazzy bright pair for your holibobs and can’t really justify getting another pair for nearly £100 (or more), especially when you’re original black pair just won’t wear out, even after 10 years!

Oak and Hyde yellow sandals

Oak & Hyde ‘Malaga’ sandals in vintage super lemon, £35 (

They feel pretty similar to my Arizonas; not quite as sturdy but very comfortable indeed. And I absolutely love the bright colours – I went for vintage green, though it was tough to not go for my signature yellow! After I put them on Instagram a reader got in touch to say she’d ordered a pair of the boots and that she was thrilled with them, too. So all in all, Oak and Hyde is a pretty good find!

Flip flop into the pool

flip flop lilo Havaianas

I had a French holiday a few years ago where I spent the best part of a week on a lilo. I love a good float on a lilo! It was a kitsch floral printed one from Boden and I adored it! Sadly though, it didn’t make it to the end of the holiday and I had to leave it, sorry and deflated, in the bins at the villa. But if you are in the market for a lilo this summer I have good news! You can get one in the shape of a flip flop! Good one, Havaianas. *insert clapping emoji here* Apparently this is not a new development in the world of lilos, but it’s one that had so far passed me by and I am now thrilled I am aware of, so I felt obliged to tell you about it. You’re welcome.

Havaianas lilo orange

Havaianas lilo, £26,

Havaianas lilo

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