New Balance x Stance


from £189,

Today marks the release of a collaboration between New Balance and one of my favourite socks brands, Stance (they have wonderfully bright designs and incredibly good staying up power – what’s not to love about that?). The two kits – that’s shoes and socks that match – have been designed to reflect the two cities that the brands are based in. The Boston kit (New Balance’s hometown) features the New Balance 997 in copper rose and tan paired with Stance’s 144 needle crew socks. The colours represent the city’s brownstone architecture and there is a cobblestone pattern embossed onto the leather. Stance’s San Clemente gets a brand new style – the New Balance 1978 – in blue and tan, mimicking the surf beaches of the west coasts of the US. Nice or what?!

Three of the best…velvet sandals

Ancient Greek Sandals, £150,; Mystique velvet slides, £158,; Hacienda ribbon sandals, £24,

Oooh I just love that velvet has shaken off its Christmas shackles and has come out to play this summer. So this week’s three of the best is dedicated to luxurious velvet sandals. Yay!

When is a jelly not a jelly?

PUMA Fenty jelly slides, £65,

I’m not always a fan of Puma’s Fenty designs (it’s Rihanna’s line for the sports brand, in case you didn’t know, and has been known to make stiletto trainers *eye roll*) but I do love a pool slide. I also love a jelly shoe – and here the two collide brilliantly! I’m a little upset that the information on the JD Sports website suggests you might have missed ‘the 90s jelly shoe trend first time around’, which also suggests that the person writing it is so young that they missed the fact that jelly shoes did NOT originate in the 90s (I definitely had a pair in the early 80s – anyone else?!), but other than that, I reckon these are pretty cool for a holiday.

And finally…

Megan Shoe Sketch

This week I was honoured to be asked to co-judge the Clarks Footwear award at Graduate Fashion Week. There was so much young talent on offer, and I was incredibly impressed with the entires to the competition. The winner was Megan Davis, whose design was sustainably conscious with recycled rubber soles and included temperature-regulating in-socks, inspired by heated socks worn by pilots in WWII. Clarks will actually work to develop her idea into a shoe you can buy in store – how brilliant?! You can see Megan’s designs above, and hopefully in store soon too.

6 thoughts on “ 3 of the best velvet sandals, and the rest of this week’s Shoes News ”

  1. Provenance of jelly shoes: try the 1950s! Yes, some of us are that old, had original jellies as children, hated them then but nonetheless love your blog, love your stance, love your displayed product-range and, now, love jellies reborn!

  2. I love to wear the velvet shoe and not only I, my daughter also like this. I have purchased that kind of sandals based on your recommendations. I feel very grateful to get this site. I will definitely bookmark this site. Thanks for the awesome share.

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