Shoes Headlines: The White Shoe Issue

You may have noticed on Instagram that I am currently obsessing over white shoes (ooh, and did you read my review of the amazing new sneakers brand Seven Feet Apart?). So this week, I thought I’d make Shoes News all about them; where to buy the best ones, this season’s trends and how to keep them clean. Because what could be better to wear over the summer months than white shoes? Enjoy!

Grenson’s new toes

En Brogue wearing Grenson Alison

Left to right: Agnes, £200; Alison, £200 (

This season, Grenson has brought out a new, slightly elongated, more pointy toe and I’m in love! Two of the styles come in all-white – the Alison loafers and Agnes brogues. White shoes like this are great to wear to weddings (I wore a pair of white monks to my brother’s wedding a couple of years ago) because they look smart but they’re really comfortable, too. And that bouncy white sole will be your best friend on the dance floor!

3 of the 3 of the best

This week, I’m rounding up three of the best in three styles of shoe that I think everyone should have in their wardrobes for summer – loafers, plimsolls and sandals. With one pair of each, particularly in white, you’ll have something to wear for every occasion – they literally go with everything!


Clockwise from left: Ariana horse bit loafers, £125 (; Bass Weejuns penny loafers, £120 (; Possum bow loafers, £69 (


Clockwise from top left: Hampton Canvas, £35 (; Spring Court, £57 (; Kawasaki, £39 (


Left to right: leather strap sandals, £79 (; TOMS Lexie sandals, £80 (; Florida fold-down sandals, £39 (

The white stuff

Jason Markk wipes at Kicks Love London

Jason Markk Quick Wipes, £15,

I’m sure plenty of you steer clear of white shoes because you worry about keeping them clean, but it’s not as difficult as you think! Of course, you shouldn’t be silly about it and wear your sparkling whites in a muddy field, and I avoid wearing mine in the rain too, but even when you take these precautions you can get a bit grubby. For those shoes (like the Grensons above) with white Vibram soles, try Grenson’s William Green’s Tonic (£12.50, to remove any grubby marks. It requires a bit of elbow grease but it really works (and it smells fantastic!). It’s also great for cleaning white leather trainers, or use what all the sneaker heads swear by, Jason Markk wipes (above). And when it comes to canvas plimsolls and Converse, just stick them in the washing machine. They come up an absolute treat!

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