You’re going to love these beautiful, brilliant, better trainers

Well I just love having a story like this to tell you about. OK, I am wearing some beaut trainers from a new brand, and that’s lovely and everything, but there’s SO MUCH more to Seven Feet Apart than just good looking trainers. I’ll get on to that in a minute though, because they are really, REALLY wonderful trainers and you need to know about them right away. This is important!

Seven Feet Apart worn by En Brogue

Seven Feet Apart’s unisex ‘Original 172’ sneakers are an absolute joy. I mean, look at them! They’re a classic go-with-everything – that’s a no-brainer. But as well as looking fantastic, these are next level comfortable shoes. You know when you put a pair of shoes on your feet and you just KNOW they’re going to feel amazing to walk in? SFA is very much into its engineering, so the people there have put a lot of thought into the design of the 172s as well as the aesthetic. The insole is made from seven layers and is super bouncy; not only that but if it wears out they will replace it (for life!). They also have something called the Comfort Bridge Section, which is like a neoprene mini sock under the laces that gives an amazing, snug fit. It’s red in my pair too, which adds a lovely pop of colour against the white leather. They’re all handmade in Portugal from Italian leather, and the branding is deliberately minimal so that the design isn’t affected by trends. In theory, these shoes should never go out of style.


The Original 172, £125,

The next (but not last) brilliant thing about Seven Feet Apart is the price. These top quality trainers are just £125. When you consider the engineering that’s gone into the design, the materials that they are made from, and the fact that they are HANDMADE, this is extraordinary. SFA reckons that these trainers would retail at £250, but by selling them directly to us from its website it’s effectively giving them to us for their wholesale price without the retail mark-up. Got to love that, right?

The Original 172, £125,

The final thing I want to tell you about – though I’m sure I’ve missed something out so do take a look at the ‘about‘ section of the website if you want to learn more – is that each Seven Feet Apart employee gets to pick a project within a mile of their home for the brand to help with its This Mile Foundation. Seven Feet Apart then gives up to 7% of its net profit and 7% of time (18 days) to support that project and create opportunities in its local community. For its first project, it is providing time, mentorships, kits and jobs to The Fighting Chance and Islington Boxing Club.

The Original 172, £125,

Anyway, back to the trainers. If you fancy getting a pair for yourself (which I highly recommend – did I mention how comfortable they are?!) head to the website where they are available in five colours. They recommend going down a size which I did and they fit perfectly.