Seasalt’s brilliant (and VAST) SS17 shoe collection

When Seasalt got in touch and asked me to try out some of its new season styles, I wasn’t prepared for the massive choice that I would be presented with. I knew of this Cornish brand having visited some of its many stores located mostly along the south coast (and Grenson has a splendidly jaunty neckerchief from one of them), but hadn’t previously associated it with somewhere to shop for shoes. HOW WRONG I WAS. A quick glance on the website and I realised that there are dozens of styles, all available in lovely colours, and most of them are the brand’s own designs. So it was an absolute pleasure to get some of them on my feet!

Seasalt mustard espadrilles

Me in my Seasalt ‘Seasong’ shoes. And a shirt dress over my jeans, obvs.

Seasalt ‘Seasong’ shoes, £52 reduced from £65,

The first pair that caught my eye were these mustard yellow lace-up suede espadrilles. You guys know I am a sucker for a mustard shoe! And these are cute as hell. They’re pretty sturdy for an espadrille and have that all-important rubber sole, so although I would never advise wearing espadrilles in the rain, if you get caught out it’s not the end of the world (although do remember to protect the suede with a spray before you wear them!). They’re incredibly lightweight so are a joy to wear, and have really nice petite proportions which are very flattering on the feet. So far, so fabulous.

Moses red pool slides

Me in my Moses slides. And another dress over jeans. Do you see a theme emerging here…?!

Moses slider sandal, £23.99 reduced from £29.99,

Next up, one of the other brands that Seasalt stocks: Moses. I saw a pair of these rubber slides last year but never managed to track a pair down, so it’s great news that Seasalt has them in eight colours, including this tomato red. They’re more practical than a leather sandal if you’re going to spend a lot of time on the beach, by a pool or, indeed, in the rainy UK, and they look really cool to boot. In fact, close inspection will reveal quirky details like moulded faux buckles. Nice touch.

Seasalt Aurora sandals white

Me in my Seasalt ‘Aurora’ sandals. And a predictable rest of outfit…

Seasalt ‘Aurora’ sandals, £23.96 reduced from £29.95,

Finally, Seasalt’s own ‘Aurora’ sandals. I LOVE these. With their simple, classic style, they’re the kind of sandal that you’re always hunting for but hardly ever find; a real go-with-everything summer shoe, but mostly the best partner for all your summer dresses. The white I’m wearing here are my favourites, but they are also available in red, tan and a really fresh mint green. They have a squidgy, comfortable insole and a rubber sole too, so they have practicality sussed as well. I also really like that the buckle strap is elasticated, so you don’t have to actually undo them when you put them on or take them off. Winner.

Seasalt Sailor Squares, £3.50 each,

I do recommend having a look for yourself, as there are so many styles available (as well as some lovely and very reasonably priced Breton tops, fisherman’s jackets and the aforementioned ‘Sailor Square’ neckerchiefs, not necessarily for dogs!). Plus there are loads of reductions online at the moment. Happy shopping!

This post is in collaboration with Seasalt Cornwall

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