Hush Puppies: you know they’re comfy, but did you know they look this great?!

I’ve always known that Hush Puppies existed, but I’d never owned a pair of its shoes myself until recently (although I tested a pair of its desert boots with ‘Worry Free Suede‘ once and was really impressed). So I was excited to try out a couple of pairs over recent weeks, because as you know, I’m BIG on comfort, and that’s what Hush Puppies are best known for, right?


Me wearing my Hush Puppies Analise loafers. See how happy I am?!

Now, I know that this is not a brand that you’d necessarily think of right away for yourself, but I’m here to tell you that the summer 2017 collection from Hush Puppies is LOVELY! I road tested two styles on your behalf (you’re welcome!) – the ‘Adiron Chrissie’ sandals and the ‘Analise Clever’ loafers. Here’s my verdict (spoiler alert: my face sort of gives away my opinion in the picture above).


Hush Puppies sandal

Hush Puppies ‘Adiron Chrissie’ sandals, £65, (also available in tan)

Let’s start with the sandals, which I took to Lisbon with me when we went for my birthday because the UK can’t be relied upon for proper sandals weather just yet, so where better to test them out? I love the look of these sandals – they’re described as a slider but they have a strap across the back so are a little more secure than a traditional pool slide. The leather is beautifully soft and they have rubber soles, so no slipping here, even on cobbles. And they have a memory foam EVA footbed which makes them unbelievably comfortable. I went against all my own rules and wore these for the first time on a day when I was doing a LOT of walking. Hours and hours of walking. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Lisbon, but it involves many many hills, too. So this was PROPER walking. Were there any blisters? Was there any kind of rubbing whatsoever? Nope. I was impressed. Very impressed.

Hush Pupppies Analise loafers

Hush Puppies ‘Analise Clever’ flats, £60,

Next, the loafers, which I think look MUCH nicer on the foot than off, don’t you? They’re quite a snug fit but once you’ve wiggled your way in (which is easy because of the elastic gusset), like the sandals, they are amazingly comfy. The sole is rubber but it’s the colour of crepe and looks a little like a gum sole on a trainer (which I obviously think is really nice) and has the added benefit of not being slippery when wet, unlike crepe. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of water, these are made from that amazing ‘Worry Free Suede’ stuff, so they come ready protected from the elements. If you get caught in the rain, or spill your wine on them, it literally just slides off without leaving a mark. Brilliant. I love the perforations too, as they allow a little air in for the summer months. Mine are a lovely shade of grey but you can get them in beige, too. As with the sandals, I made my first wear sockless, and took Grenson for a long walk through Greenwich Park. They did not disappoint on the comfort front.

So there you have it. I am officially a Hush Puppies convert. Now I just need the weather to improve so I can wear those sandals again!

This post is a collaboration with Hush Puppies

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