Shoes News: why you should always shop abroad, lovely loafers, and more…

My new adilette slides

lightbulb moment

This week I had a lightbulb moment while I was in Lisbon celebrating my 40th birthday (again). By some stroke of luck, I happened upon this graffiti while I was there to illustrate this story! Anyway, Lisbon is not full of shops you’d recognise, save for the odd Zara and H&M here and there – and rightly so because I was very interested in buying all the tinned fish I could carry! – but for some reason, when we stumbled upon an adidas store, my friend Tom and I had an overwhelming urge to go in. And I’m so glad I did! Because these adilette pool slides came into my life and I am thrilled about it.

adidas towelling pool slides

There have been a few occasions when I have been on a city break and seen some trainers, and have just thought ‘oh, I’ll buy them when I get home’. And then I’ve got home, and I haven’t been able to find them anywhere! I have a memory of some amazing Pumas that I saw and left in Florence and was never able to track down. I wasn’t going to let that happen again, so I bought them on the spot, and a quick check on the adidas UK website tells me that they are indeed NOT available here! So sorry about that, because it means I’m just going to gloat about my amazing towelling pool slides that you can’t buy. But learn my lesson, people! If you see them abroad and you like them, BUY THEM!

Barbour’s lovely loafers

Clockwise from top: ‘Diane’ loafers, £99.95; ‘Naomi’ loafers, £95.95; me wearing the ‘Diane’ loafers; both In association with Barbour.

You may remember a few years ago that I discovered Barbour’s fabulous footwear. Not the wellies I wrote about a few weeks ago (although I do love those!), but proper, sturdy, smart leather shoes. The brogues I got back then are some of my favourites and I always get complimented on them. Well, this season it has more on offer, namely its Naomi and Diane loafers (pictured). They’re a proper classic, really good quality, and I really like the rubber crepe-effect sole – all the joy of crepe without the wet weather slipping! Plus they have really snazzy details, like slithers of Barbour’s iconic checks subtly peeking out of the seams. The best thing, as I discovered with my original pair, is the price – less than 100 quid!

The Natural Shoe Store pops up at OTHER/shop

One of my favs – The Natural Shoe Store – has teamed up with Soho’s concept store OTHER/shop to create a store within a store, which opened yesterday. The edit of classic brands like Birkenstock and Blundstone is in monochrome, and aims to be a collection of shoes that is relevant at all times. Hear hear to that! You’ll also find Teva and Solovair in store, and I’m pretty certain I spotted on its Instagram stories the lovely new brand Good News that you may remember me writing about recently (note to self: NEED TO BUY A PAIR!). Plus a visit to the store means you can browse its gorgeous edit of minimal clothes, too. OTHER/shop is on Berwick Street, Soho, London.

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