Feetzi – it’s like Google for trainers

If you’re anything like me, you spend much of your life hunting down the perfect pair of trainers. One particular style in one particular colour that you really lust after and has, for some reason, eluded you up until now. Regular readers of En Brogue will know that my sneaker nemesis is a pair of gold adidas Gazelles with black stripes (I even mentioned them on Woman’s Hour once!) that I’ve never been able to find in my size and that I regularly get angry/sad/wistful about (although I do have some very similar adidas Jamiacas which have softened the blow somewhat).

adidas Gazelle gold and black Feetzi

The new sneaker search engine, feetzi.com

Well, meet Feetzi – the new website that is a bit like Google for trainers. You pick your country, then search by brand, style, colour and size, and voila! You might just find those perfect trainers that you’ve been looking for for years. I gave it a go and you’ll never guess – I FOUND THE GOLD GAZELLES!! I have resisted buying them as they’re pretty expensive and I have those Jamiacas…but what a thrill!

Penelope Chilvers x Roo’s Beach

Penelope Chilvers ‘Mandy’ sandals, £169, roosbeach.co.uk

One of my fav brands, Penelope Chilvers, has teamed up with Cornish fashion and lifestyle emporium Roo’s Beach to re-release a pair of sandals that were a sell-out last summer. The Penelope Chilvers Mandy Sandal – a gorgeous white fisherman sandal that’s right up my street – will be exclusively available at Roo’s Beach on special request, after they literally couldn’t get enough of them last year; ‘I was so gutted they’d sold out before I even had a chance to get them!” says the store’s founder Roo. I’ve not been fortunate enough to visit Roo’s Beach myself but it looks fab, so if you’re in the Porth area, I recommend popping in for a look!

UGG’s Royale Fluff slides

UGG Royale Fluff sandals, £90, ugg.com

What do you mean you hadn’t noticed that fluffy pool slides are a thing?! Along with backless loafers, they must be the biggest trend in footwear right now. The latest on my radar are these from UGG. The upper is made from ‘Toscana’ fur (which is sheepskin) and they have a snuggly woollen lining. Available in pink, blue and my personal favourite because it looks so chic, black, they’re available now.


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