Shoes News: these crazily comfortable retro shoes, and more…

I Pod, you Pod, we all Pod… 

En Brogue wearing Pod

Pod Heritage ‘Marley’ T-bar sandals, £50,

One of my earliest memories is going into Clarks or Start-Right in early September with my mum and being desperate for a pair of red school shoes. Unfortunately, due to Oakfield Primary’s strict school uniform policies (which thankfully came with a really cool bumble-bee stripe tie as a sweetener), my uniform footwear dreams never came true. So imagine my delight when these arrived for me to road test this week (NB: I decided to team them with dungarees for added effect, because when you’ve just turned 40, I think it’s important to remember to dress like a child)!

When Pod Heritage originally launched these T-bars in 1980, they were intended as school shoes for lucky kids who attended schools with a more lax idea of acceptable shoe colours than mine, but they were soon picked up by the fashion counter-culture and gained somewhat of a cult status in the mid-Eighties. Now they’re back, and I can confirm that they are more comfortable than any school shoes I ever had, with their crepe sole (if you know, you know) and bouncy insole. Plus, they’re red! They’re also available in pale pink and blue, and I LOVE the logo on the heel.

Hudson’s new feminine vibe

Hudson Ariana loafers, from £125,

I’ve been a fan of Hudson’s distinctly masculine shoes for years, but they’ve gone a little more feminine for the summer and I’m really impressed. I’ve got myself a pair of the white ‘Ariana’ loafers in the softest leather – the heel flattens down at the back and they’re also available in black, blush, red and silver, as well as metallic and Liberty print velvet finishes – and I’m obsessed!

Clockwise from left: silver ‘Tilda’ sandals, £80; white ‘Lonatu’ sandals, £75; silver ‘Biarritz’ espadrilles, £50. All

I also really love the multiple fisherman shoe styles, as well as the neutral shades of the espadrilles and the huge choice of sandals. In my experience, Hudson shoes are very comfortable and really well made. Oh, and the prices are pretty good, too. Bravo, Hudson!

All the Dr Martens news (there’s so much of it!)

Barely a week goes by without me having something else to tell you about Dr Martens – they have new launches going on all over the place and it’s hard to keep up! And this week it’s a collaboration with United Arrows & Sons to bring you these gorgeous shoes with optional yellow bits (my favs are the ones with the yellow bits, obvs). They’re £110 from selected Dr Martens stores, and limited sizes are also available at The Hip Store.

Clockwise from left: ‘Rigal Mesh’ in grey, £100; Evade in red, £90; Rigal Mesh in navy, £100. All

I’ve also discovered DMs Lite – the super lightweight shoes and boots that are a sort of trainer hybrid. They’re great if you love your classic Docs but are looking for something different for the summer, as they come with all the stuff you already love – like the stitching details and air cushioned sole – but with the added summeriness (yes, that is a real word) of a white sole and with my favourite styles, mesh fabric. With the clocks going forward this weekend, it’s definitely time to start thinking seriously about summer shoes!

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