Wellies that smell of lemons (REALLY!) and the rest of this week’s Shoes News

Lemon wellies


As you know, as I spend much of my life walking my dog, I’m always interested in hearing about wellies, so I was happy that this brand found its way into my life recently. Lemon Jelly – not the 90s electronic band but a brand based in Portugal – makes really interesting rubber boots and shoes in more colours than you’ve ever seen wellies in! The really cool thing though, is that they smell of lemons. They really do! I have a pair under my nose right now and can confirm that it’s true. The fit is a little narrow on the toe, so you might want to go up a size if you’re planning to wear them with thick socks, but for that you get a more elegant almond toe than on a regular pair of Wellingtons. I love this style called ‘Wing’ as it reminds me of some boots Prada did a couple of seasons ago, but the collection is absolutely vast, so I recommend having a look online. Prices are in Euros but they ship to the UK.

Dr Martens x Engineered Garments

I know you lot love Dr Martens, so you’ll be thrilled to hear about these new styles that launch this Sunday (February 25th). DMs has teamed up with Engineered Works to produce some fab, military inspired shoes. I really love the ghillie laces on some of the styles, and who can argue with an olive green shoe? Not me, that’s for sure. I’ll add the links in here when they go live so you can click straight through to buy.

YMC’s new Tabi trainers

Tabi trainers, £225, youmustcreate.com

Fans of Nike’s Air Rift will love these Japanese-inspired trainers from YMC (a brand I often forget to look at for shoes which is silly, because they do great shoes!). If you love your runners but want something that looks a bit different, these are perfect, but in their neutral colours you’ll find them easy to integrate into your wardrobe. They’re a little pricey, but in my experience YMC shoes are really good quality – I have a couple of pairs that have been going strong for years.


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