Valentine’s shoes stats, and the rest of this week’s Shoes News

What to wear (or more importantly, not to wear) on a first date

Although I have been with Mr Brogue for over twenty years, which means I don’t have much experience of dating, I know that his shoes would definitely be one of the first things I would check out if I was going on my first date with him. So I was interested to read that shoe retailer Deichmann has carried out some research to find out what people do and don’t like their date to wear on their feet. When it came to what men look for on a woman, I was pleasantly surprised.

Grey Chelsea boots, £24.99; burgundy brogues, £19.99; red ghillies, £17.99; all

Asked for the biggest no-no in the footwear department, 50% of men said that scruffy or dirty shoes were the worst offender (Deichmann has plenty of shoe cleaning products, which I will be trying out next week so keep an eye out for my verdict). I thought that was very refreshing – that so many men notice clean shoes! Who knew?!

I’m not sure why you’d wear them on a date, unless you were at a festival, or we were having particularly wet weather, but wellies came in second worst with 31% of men saying they’d be the biggest date turn off (quite right too). And, best of all, heels that are too high placed third worst with 26% of the vote. Yep, plenty of men think they are the OPPOSITE of sexy. (Please note, Piers Morgan, that the top three date footwear turn offs does not at any point mention flat shoes as a negative – did you guys catch his ridiculous sexist tweet on the subject last week?! Silly man!)

So ladies, don’t feel any pressure to wear heels on your Valentine’s Day date and for goodness sake make sure your brogues are nice and CLEAN!

In association with Deichmann

Three of the best…moccasin boots

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Red Wing’s classic moc boots, but it’s not the only brand taking inspiration from what is widely regarded to be one of the most ancient styles of shoe: the moccasin. Minnetonka (tan, £84.95, has a huge selection of styles at The Natural Shoe Store, Penelope Chilvers (black, £239, has shearling lined ones, as well as some cute pastel coloured versions launching soon, and Grenson (tricolour, £165, has really nailed it with this new style called Nicole, which is also available in plain grey suede. And while we’re on the subject of Grenson…

Leather heart keyring with every purchase


Between February 9th and 14th, if you buy a pair of Grenson shoes in store you’ll get a cute leather heart keyring to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Of course, the best scenario is to get your Valentine to buy the shoes for you…


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