The new season from Clarks Originals *swoon*

OK, you might be thinking it’s a bit early to be making a summer shoes purchase, but when it comes to Clarks Originals I can tell you from experience that you might regret it if you don’t. When they first brought out their Trigenic Flex trainers I didn’t snap up a pair right away and as a result, had to wait about a year and a half before they started stocking the white leather ones I craved in my size again (they’re in stock right now, FYI!). It was a LONG wait and I felt quite the fool.

(If you don’t already know about the amazing Trigenic trainers, you can have a read about them here).

Anyway, I saw the new season of Originals before Christmas but was sworn to secrecy (such is the excitement that surrounds new Clarks Originals)…but since they are now on sale on the website and in stores I figured it was time to share them with you too. There are some lovely fresh colours which feel just right now that the days are getting longer and the daffodils are coming out. But I’m pleased to say they haven’t messed about with the design of the classics that we all know and love (I still haven’t quite forgiven them for the wedge desert boot…). Here are my favourites.

Trigenic Honey



Trigenic Honey, £90,

Oh HI Trigenic sandals! This is the style I pre-ordered for myself months ago but actually forgot what I’d decided on until they arrived yesterday. I’m feeling pretty pleased with my decision, I can tell you. I often wear my Trigenics in the summer but wish I was getting a bit more ventilation so my prayers have been answered! Mine are off white, but they also come in black and cola. Added bonus: there is an alternative pair of hiking laces included (above). I think I will live in these this summer. Comfort overload!

Trigenic Flex 

Trigenic Flex, £110,

I know I’ve been harping on about it, but these trainers really are THE BEST. The split sole makes them feel more like dancing shoes (this sole also appears on the Trigenic Honey, above) and they’re definitely in my top three most comfortable shoes of all time. They also look really REALLY cool. And this season, there are two tricolour options which I LOVE. If you haven’t already got a pair in your repertoire, sort yourself out.

Desert Boots

Desert boots, £95,

The Clarks classic, and the style that catapulted the brand to legendary status (read more about the history of the desert boot in my EnBroguelopedia archive). I love the soft colours that are available this season, especially that burnt orange, although it’s not available online just yet. Do bear in mind that desert boots come up a little small; some people prefer to go up half a size and it might be worth going in store to try on if they are your first pair.

Wallabees and Weaver

Wallabees, £90,, and Weaver, £90,

I am always surprised that I don’t own a pair of Wallabees because I love them, but I think it can be traced back to when everyone at school had them in 1990 and in a bid to be different, I got my first pair of Converse (which was the beginning of my love affair with trainers, so a seminal moment!). I may well have made this decision because Converse came in purple, which I was obsessed with at the time, and Wallabees didn’t. These details are vital when you are thirteen. They are cool classic, and I’m really fond of the similar style Weaver too, with its moccasin stitching.

Dusty Sole

While many of us are still mourning the loss of Kestral Soar, a fantastic Clarks Originals sandal that was discontinued a couple of years ago before I got myself a pair (idiot: see first paragraph), Dusty Sole is a pretty good alternative. I’m particularly taken with the shade of curry yellow. These colours aren’t available just yet, but I guess it is still February! They will be £55, so good value too.

There are also lots of new styles with chunky crepe soles that are really cool, but are also a little too tall to be classed as true flats, so I haven’t included them here, but that you may rather like, so check those out on the website too. I’d love to know what you think of this season’s collection – leave comments below!