Red Wing’s new GREY moc boots – IMAGINE HOW EXCITED I AM

In September I brought you the joyous news that Red Wing – the popular American men’s brand that savvy women with non-tiny feet have been buying for years – was bringing out shoes for women. This was thrilling news, as regular readers of this blog will know that I have relatively tiny feet (size 4) and as such, had never previously been able to get a pair for myself. Honestly, this is the story of my life, and the price you pay for being a petite tomboy.

(See also the trainers I want only starting at size 7 for similar tiny shoe-related rage *sigh*)


Red Wing moc boots in granite, £249,

Anyway, judging by the reaction on Instagram, you guys felt the same as me when Red Wing released its women’s boots, and were equally as excited about one particular style as I was: the 6-inch moc boot. It’s the absolute classic Red Wing boot, with its moccasin-style toe, tan leather finish, white sole and flecked yellow laces. As well as looking great (particularly with my go-to turned up blue jeans – I know, I know, predictable), they are incredibly comfortable, with a bounciness akin to a pair of trainers rather than leather work boots. And while I really REALLY love them in the classic shade of brown leather, when I laid eyes on the new ones in grey (above and below), it was love at first sight.



This is a really special shade of grey; in some lights it looks almost lilac, but not in too much of a pretty way, very much like the grey paint on my bedroom walls which change colour ever so slightly with the passing light of the day. Grey leather shoes aren’t the easiest thing to get hold of, so while it’s popular, as it is at the moment, I’ve been stocking up! Red Wing boots don’t come cheap at £249, but they are very hardwearing and last for years, so are a proper investment. As well as the grey leather, there’s a new beige suede that’s rather fancy too (above). Both are available on February 15th in selected stores and online from March 9th at

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